At least every Thursday my best friend and I get together. Regardless of whether it’s drinking wine or observing a movie, we always fine time to catch up and talk in relation to our week. We have known each other ever since we were in first grade. We graduated high school together and we even went to college in the same city. It was very convenient because if I ever needed someone to speak to I could go to her. I had friends at my college but it was nice to speak with her because she knew everything about me at home and I knew everything in relation to her too. One Thursday while I went to her home I couldn’t stop sneezing. I looked around and once I placed my wine glass on her coffee table I saw simply how much dust there was. I pointed it out to my pal and she told me that she was combating an immense dust problem. She wasn’t sure where the excessive dust was coming from. She’d dust her whole house a minimum of twice a week but the girl was still combating the dirty problem. She also told me that tomorrow she had a scheduled appointment with her HVAC technician to check out the problem. She wanted to see when they could do an air quality test and some ductwork tests to observe if the dust was from the ductwork. This would allow the HVAC technician to see if there were any leaks in the ductwork too.

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