I feel as if everything I own simply keeps on breaking. Truthfully, it’s basically an unfortunate stroke of bad luck to have this. First, my electricity just stopped working, and after having a consultation performed with the company, it turned out that just some rats or some sort of vermin had chewed right through all of my wiring. Then, my entire fridge broke down. I couldn’t secure a scheduled visit to fix it for a few days, and I can’t afford to get a new one, and also I have no neighbors to ask to help store some of my food for me. So I did the single thing I could think of – I started running the cooling system on as high as it goes all day long. Clearly, running the cooling system so much does make the whole house pretty chilly, so I decided to wear multiple layers all day. It was pretty stressful because I was scared that it would still be too hot in the house keep anything, but I think that the cooling system actually did a pretty good job of mimicking the fridge. I was completely okay with having to bundle up even more than I usually do. I really hope that running the air conditioner for a few days and running it so high won’t really wear down much on it’s lifespan. That would only create even more issues for me. After a couple of days when I finally got the fridge back up and running again, I put everything back in it and only had to toss out a couple of things that I had, which is pretty good if you ask me about it. I bought some brand new filters to put in my heating and cooling units as well, and then called for my HVAC contractor to come look at my cooling system, just to ensure that it didn’t absorb too much damage from all that.

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