I works as a custodian in a small school district. I have to arrive at the school early in the morning to make sure everything is ready to go for the kids. I turn on the lights, open the doors and I make sure the air conditioning system is all good. In the school it is extremely cold. Our weather ranges with snow, rain or freezing. We basically never need to be worried about air conditioning in the class. The main concern is this heating system. The heating system is actually terrible though. The heater rarely turns on for the right time and this doesn’t heat very well. The heating system doesn’t possess the heating capabilities to warm-up the entire building. I have teachers complaining to me that their rooms are cold. One teacher’s room is at the opposite end of the school in which the heater is. Her room is actually freezing cold. I have her close her door the entire school day to trap inside the heat. The warm air comes in from the upward ventilation so that you can warm the room. The warm then can stay easily captured in her room. The problem is that room also is near a great deal of trees. The trees block the sunshine so no natural heat comes into her room. It would be alright is she was a great person and we had a fantastic working relationship. This woman is horrible and is always yelling to me about how cold her room is. I’m just the custodian, not the HVAC technician.HVAC service

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