Not long ago I moved into a new town and also the experience has been pretty chaotic. First of all, my flight out of the new city was delayed more than 1 time! On top of that the house was not move-in ready as my real estate professional had said. I ended up having to stay at the airport hotel for 3 nights before finally being able to move all of my valuables into my new home. As if these incidents were not sufficiently annoying, the first night that I stayed around my new home I realized that HVAC system was not working. I didn’t realize right away because I was very lively while moving furniture into place and also the autumn air kept me cold throughout. However, once I settled down for the night I quickly became frigid as well as the thermostat read that the HVAC system was set to 72 degrees. Undoubtedly either the thermostat or the heating and cooling system itself was destroyed. I went down to the basement, the location where the HVAC system is located, and sure enough the machine would not turn itself on. I work as a technical engineer designing automobiles, so I figured that my experience would have allowed me to fix that broken furnace. However, after one or two hours of tinkering with the internal systems I concluded that fixing the HVAC system by myself was not a good idea. The next day I’d gone to work so I resorted to calling an area HVAC technician to repair my furnace while I was working. Having broken heating equipment wasn’t really my plan while moving in my new home but at least that situation was resolved rapidly.

heater repair 

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