We live in a culture now that is all about immediate pleasure. Just look at you. That statement is observable. For example, people need persistent connectivity, so they will be on their smartphones while watching television. If a commercial comes on during a program, people will sometimes switch to viewing something on their cellular. This shows our society’s need to always feel connected and entertained at the same time. Because we love to be constantly occupied, waiting in the line at a place like the DMV will be the worst thing ever. I struggled mightily with a person at the DMV. Sure, the lines were long, but this was not what upset me. Rather, I was so affected by the buzzing of the HVAC equipment that I thought we were legitimately being tortured. The air conditioner was running for about five minutes at the same time, trying to cool off this space. However, it would make this obnoxious sound as if the HVAC system was struggling to help you breathe. I have no idea if that was the case, but I can tell you that it was barely manufacturing any cool air. But not only were we dealing with a obnoxiously loud air conditioner, but I was not even positive it was making the spot any cooler. That was so darn frustrating to deal with. I should have just paid in advance for all that stuff online as an alternative to physically going there to wait in line for 2 hours. I will never get that point of my life back and that makes me mad.

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