During my life, I had never gone to a concert prior to this. Music has become a huge part of gaming, but I had never gone to see a famous band or artist live before. Sure, I have witnessed amateurs playing some covers at a pub and I have seen kids playing a concert with the local school. However, until this past month, I had never seen an international recording artist perform at a venue. My partner and I were so excited for my first ever concert. I even bought a ticket for my cousin so she could come with us. We got ready for a show that night and drove towards the concert hall. When we arrived, everything was fantastic. The show started 20 minutes later plus it was fun! However, the show rapidly took a backseat to the rising temperature inside the concert hall and the bad HVAC equipment. I swear, the temperature inside that building really had been rising a degree every ten minutes or so. Before the show was about halfway over, I looked around and most started sweating profusely. I was. It was not comfortable. Why was the heater running which includes a packed house that night? Or sometimes the heating equipment was not on, but rather the lesser cooling equipment contributed to these weird rising temps. I have no idea just what happened that night but I am still bitter about that live concert hall ruining my first true live music moment. I was so angry following this show, but I could not wait to just get home and enjoy my AC unit.

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