When I was young, my favorite thing to do was go into the kitchen and make whatever I thought up. In middle school, my grandma began to teach me actual recipes to make sure that what I was making them edible. Then, in higher education, I decided to take home ec, which was pretty wonderful, and then I took several cooking-specific courses. If it wasn’t clear, I ended up going to a school for culinary arts following that, and after I had completed school, I opened up my restaurant. Now, twenty years in the future, I have made a name for myself in the neighborhood and people from all over come to eat in my restaurant. Even though I haven’t gotten any awards, I’ve been trying to fix some things within the place, such as the heating and cooling systems. The heating and cooling with the dining areas work fine, and I bought zoned heating so that different tables can change the temperature according to their particular preferences. The heating and cooling systems in the kitchen must be repaired, however. The food warmers are completely broken I think, and the cooling equipment never stays on a consistent temperature. I have separate HVAC equipment with the dining rooms and our kitchen, which I’m glad I got, because the heating and cooling all over the place would be messed up whenever they shared equipment. At first I thought it was a repair I could make by myself, but I decided it was more about finding an HVAC provider to help make the repairs for me. I called an HVAC technician the day after last.

HVAC business 

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