I believe that it is really quite hard to concentrate at the office. I get easily distracted. One time, the button on the sleeve of my dress shirt popped off and I tinkered with the string and my sleeve for the remainder of the day. I suppose play could be the wrong word. I just fidgeted with it for more than a few hours. I am always getting distracted by stuff like this and it makes me sad finding out how short my attention span is right now. Well, this characteristic of mine has been on full display at the workplace for a few weeks now since HVAC equipment in our building is suffering. I find it very hard to concentrate while my office environment is heated to almost 78 degrees. Who the heck can look at a spreadsheet when the heater is unable to make me feel welcomed. I find myself sweating nearly everyday which is gross. I tried to file a complaint with my boss, but he have said an array of issues are on their hands and they cannot help me at all. I know that our corporate headquarters control most of what we do around here, but I had no idea that they fully controlled the temperature at the office as well. I think that is terribly unproductive and I am about to start seriously questioning my future with this company if they choose to not address this issue soon. I ought not have to battle the furnace when I go to work every morning. That is not a common thing for an American worker in this era.

ja sauer co 

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