I actually don’t think I’d like to live in a larger city. The last time I visited the big city in my area, I thought for a short while or so that I may see myself living in it. My coworker and I did some research at various outdoor markets, and we saw some great restaurants and grabbed some drinks, and even saw one or two cool neighborhoods that I liked walking in. For a bit I was thinking I had to be there. Then I saw someone head into the laundromat with a big load of laundry on their partner’s back. I then remember what I like about having my own washer and dryer inside the basement of my apartment. Having that luxury is something I often overlook as I think about living somewhere different. I also don’t think I’d like how dirty everything is within the city. There are food scraps all over the place and so much pollution in the cars and buses. Not to mention how disgusting the train stops can be. No, I think I’m happier where my group is now in this small town that doesn’t have much going on in it. My landlord is awesome and fixes things each month, which I doubt landlords in the city manage to do. I also like that I don’t need air conditioning in my place at this moment, whereas in the city air conditioning might be a must. I’d want to enjoy the roar of the air conditioning around my would-be city apartment to cut out the noise of the cars below. Right now, though, I’m happy right where I’m living.furnace repair

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