Regularly, I just need to get back home. I live alone so I get bored now and then. I still need to get work done on my laptop computer, though, so I usually take my laptop with me at night wherever I go. Ultimately, It’s my job to end up at the local coffee shop. I like going there for the reason that workers are friendly and they offer free wifi. This works well for me and yes it gives me an opportunity to get away from home. I appreciate the atmosphere they create. While i used to love in this place, I am unfortunately realizing that i have not been there in many weeks. It just became too much of a hassle since the HVAC equipment started to go. If you sit outside while the weather is nice, everything is okay. However, their lack of air conditioning within the shop really affects my ability to pay attention to my work. I think they need to have working cooling equipment in that room, but it just no longer functions properly. I hate that because it leaves me sweating while only just typing away on my computer. All of those coffee makers and machines they also have really heat up the small space rather quickly. I cannot handle those different types of temperatures. I choose to visit another place to do this work nowadays or sometimes I even decide to stay home. I wish they would frequently just get the unit fixed and then I could once again return there to do my work.

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