For as long as I can remember I have always loved animals and wanted to take care of them. In fact, one of my earliest memories was of an giant golden retriever letting me ride on his back across my backyard. It’s a bit of an odd memory since my mom and dad never owned a golden retriever. Nevertheless, my household has been full of various dogs and cats for as long as I can remember. We always adopted from a good shelter, it’s the least we could do for the animals. Since I moved away to college I’m not allowed to have any kind of pets, but I compensate for this by volunteering at the dog shelter. It breaks my heart when I visit because the shelters heating system is broken and they don’t have the money to repair it. I have tried to fundraise so the shelter can afford a brand new HVAC system but I haven’t had much luck as of yet. To get around losing the heating system the managers at the shelter bought a couple of cheap space heaters, but that is no substitute for a the right heating and cooling unit. This is terrible and unfair to the animals, especially considering that one of the dogs is about to deliver a couple pups. This isn’t for another weeks, so we at the shelter are pretty optimistic about getting a new HVAC system either by the time they come or before. We plan on petitioning city hall to help us with funding for a brand new heating unit, but if that doesn’t work we will try contacting the ASPCA.

new HVAC

There are many really unpleasant experiences in our lives. Stepping in a giant pile of dog poop is really awful. Getting a big bowl of cereal for breakfast and realizing that the milk is sour is tremendously aggravating. Going to the oral surgeon is pure torture. Spending a day wearing uncomfortable shoes is not really fun. The absolute worst is stepping within the shower and getting blasted with ice cold water. There is seldom any warning whenever a water heater fails. All of a sudden, there is no more warm water. If you’re really unlucky, you can find yourself with a flooded basement too. When the water heater stops working, you need a replacement straight away. It can be tempting drive straight to the hardware retail outlet, grab any available water unit, and install it yourself. What a huge mistake. Unless you are really a licensed plumber, you aren’t qualified to deal with installation, as not all water heaters are the same. They might look the exact same, but they aren’t. You need a water heater the proper size to handle your house’s demand. If you get one that is too small, it won’t provide enough hot water. If you get one that is too large, it will waste water that you don’t need. There is also a large range of both price and quality. Sometimes you need to spend a little more money to get a better heater. It’s worth it to invest in a model that offers a greater warranty, longer heating element, in addition to superior energy efficiency. A high quality water heater will heat the water more quickly and endure corrosion. It will cost less to work and last longer.

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I always thought that the greatest combination in the entire world was peanut butter and jelly. It’s pretty hard to out do that delicious partnership. It’s excellent in any form. Then I learned about electric heat pumps, and I was totally floored. A heat pump operates similar to  a furnace during the winter, making you wonderfully toasty and cozy. In the summer, it behaves like an air conditioner, cooling your house. A heat pump can handle your year-round temperature control, it’s one extremely efficient HVAC options. It doesn’t change electricity into heat, it absorbs heat that is  in the air or ground, multiplies this, and transfers it into the house. A heat pump is an exceptionally efficient system to accomplish all those things. And it doesn’t dry out your air like a furnace can.. But that was not the best part. During the warmer weather, the heat pump takes heat out of the home. Electric heat pumps are incredibly quiet, they are clean, and they stop the frequent temperature fluctuations caused by other forms of heating and cooling. I believe all those benefits are enough to make an electrical heat pump the champion in the HVAC world, and these systems are environmentally responsible. They don’t cause pollution to the environment. There’s no combustion byproducts and greenhouse gasses. They also use a non-ozone depleting refrigerant. I am aware that heat pumps are rather pricey, but they are totally worth the cost. The incredible cost savings, week after week, will help to quickly recover the cost.

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I work at home, and I spend very long days sitting in my office. I head into the office first thing every day, and I work there till dinnertime. I sometimes need to return to work after dinner. The cushion on my chair is molded to the shape of my butt. While the rest of the house is always neat and clean, my office is definitely a mess. I leave half-empty coffee cups around the desk. There are crumbs and dirty dishes on the ground. I am very thankful for my HVAC system. My office may be dirty or even sloppy, but it certainly is comfortable. Even if the outside weather is very cold, very hot, or even humid, my office is a fantastic temperature. I am thankful that my heating and cooling system functions with zoned control. This lets me keep my office temperature at an ideal level without affecting the rest of the house. I actually like my work environment to be a little cooler, and I don’t really need to make my whole family endure cool temps. I’m relieved that my HVAC unit provides a sophisticated filtration system that comfortably cleans my indoor air. The application filters out dust, pollen, and airborne particles. I have wonderfully clean indoor air. Because of my amazing HVAC equipment, I am very productive. I can tolerate those extended stays, and not feel totally unhappy. My heating and cooling system operates efficiently, and because of that I save money on my energy bills. I doubt that heading into work in an office building is as pleasant. I definitely would not be able to got to work in pajamas and pour myself some wine at noon.

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I have  recently opened a new business in town. The building I purchased was a bit more  inexpensive than I thought I was going to be  but it does need a whole lot of work. It has not been inhabited for many years and the previous owners did nothing with it after our town was flooded about five years  ago. All of the floors need to be replaced and I have the  feeling that  once I get going on this project I will be doing more than just painting  the walls. I am having the building inspected this week with the hope  that I will then know how much replacement really should be done and then I can even have an estimate for the work which means I will then be capable to figure out my finances  better. Currently because I am a new business I have been looking into grants that I would qualify for. There is an extensive list and also the most appealing one includes capital for new ducts, heaters and additionally cooling units. I have had an entire HVAC unit on my desire list for my new store but since it is so expensive to handle it  was on the very bottom of my  the list. If I am to get  this grant than I will  likely be able  to have an entire HVAC system installed right now and I will have extra funds position into the additional repairs with the building. I know that my customers shall be happy and will shop longer whenever they are in a more cozy environment.

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My roommate and I live for summer vacation. We are both currently attending college so that in translation means we can only totally relax come summer. I don’t have classes and I am not juggling work and school as well. We can go to that beach with our friends and can easily go shopping when ever we wish. I bartend so that means my days are pretty much free to do as we please. The bar does relax a bit in the summertime, when all the college kids have all gone home for their summer break. That means I do have to watch my budget more than I have to when school is in session. I help to keep my  monthly bills down by trying not to forget to write down anything that I spend my money on. I would like to try and  save enough money up in 2015  to install an air conditioning unit. I know I would have to be very mindful of my spending since the device will make my monthly energy bill go up but it would be so nice to sleep in front of it with the nice cold air blowing over me. I would keep it off in the day to help keep the cost down and only have  my air conditioner running while I was home. I am confident that I can financially make the plan  work. Having the windows open and fans going is just not cutting it any more.


My lover and I used to live together very many years ago. But then his job required him to travel far for work, so he moved about 25 minutes away, buying a place of her own. I was able to find an affordable home in my area which was also able to buy. Living apart is not great for us, but we each like having our personal space. Some people think it happens to be weird that we used to reside together but do not any more. It is not a long term thing, just something we are doing for now. My boyfriend is very handy with things throughout the house and prides himself on fixing just about anything he can. So when my HVAC system broke down this past week, I knew just who to show to. An HVAC technician has to be costly venture, my significant other could do nearly as good a job anyways! Unfortunately, one is always reluctant to fixing things around the house. He is not confident about his skills which is always in fear of playing something up. But I know that he is the fact, so I begged and pleaded by means of him until he agreed to come review my HVAC system. After examining the system, he obliged and begun to repair it. I am not entirely sure what he did to have the system running but it is actually working perfectly fine now! My guy sure is great, I am so thankful for having him inside my life. Even if he does live out on his own now.air conditioning

A long winter

In my city, the winter time has been extended.  The temperatures aren’t getting any warmer and snow still falls, even now as we arrive into the month of April.  I own this HVAC company and have had lots of work available for me as well as my crew of technicians.  Many folks are finding problems with their equipment since their systems have had to work a lot harder and longer during the winter months.  Sure, I don’t love the winter season any more than some other guy, but this work pays the bills and keeps my family going.  So give it your best, Mother Nature!  I even had to hire a few new technicians because the work was that intense.  All of my specialists work full time and are able to catch up over time.  They are a great bunch of men and women and I’m happy to have them on the team.  When I started my business about 15 years ago, I never thought it would grow to what it is currently.  But I worked hard and created a base of clients, which has only grown since that time.  There have been several years where our winter seasons are easy and work isn’t available, so I have no options but to lay off some of the HVAC technicians for a few weeks till work picks back up.  They don’t like this, but understand that we cannot pay them their salaries when there’s no work available.  Hopefully, the region will have many other winters like this current winter to come!

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You can actually believe anything you want, but believe me when I tell you there exists many things in life you don’t know. That much is certain. The biggest mistake in life is assuming you recognize more than the people all around you. Sure, we consider some individuals smarter than others, but that doesn’t encompass every facet of everyday life. If you go to any local HVAC technician and ask him about stocks and bonds, you will find there’s a chance that he will have no idea of how to assist you in that. With that being claimed, if you go to a stockbroker within your neighborhood and ask him to grab a wrench and fix a home’s furnace, he will probably have not necessarily the slightest clue how to guide you. All I am saying is you must keep everything in perspective. As i consider myself intelligent. I am educated and get a well-paying job. However, the HVAC technician whom I once viewed as inferior, actually went out of his way to save me quite a lot of money. You see, I was frustrated from the hot and cold spots I was finding inside my property. I was ready to pull out my existing units and get them replaced. The tech could have just as easily agreed to this assessment and taken the funds from someone like me. Without a doubt, he assured me that my devices just needed a bit help and told me to invest a few bucks on ceiling fans instead. I was skeptical, but in fact, it was the perfect choice and he saved me a few thousand bucks.

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The last year or two has been an odd transition in my situation. Going back a few years before that, every one of my peers were in the same exact place. We were all fresh outta school, had very little education and had no money our own. Fast forward to the prevailing time, and now we are all branching off and doing different things in life. When I ended up being a senior in college, several of my older friends obviously graduated, left school and got well-paying work opportunities. Now that I am carried out with school, I have friends still enrolled who are living a different life as opposed to me. For example, I no longer worry about running the HVAC equipment inside my apartment, but I assure you that there are thousands of college kids across America who are scared to use their heating or cooling equipment now and then. Perhaps scared is not the proper term, but many college students are mindful about how much it costs to run a heater or an air conditioner for extended time frames. Because I know a couple of my friends were going to barely use their heater this winter, I decided to give them a little gift from my first few paychecks. I put a thousand dollars in a bank nearby them and gave them a login info. I told these guys to use that cash and truly run the furnace all winter long and be comfortable. I hope they listened to my wishes and did not go and spend money on beer.

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