I was driving back to school this spring and I got pulled over. I guess I had kind of lost focus on my speed because I was thinking about all my assignments. I had a quiz, two papers, and two presentations that week and all this was going through my head as I was driving back to school The police officer pulled me over and explained how fast I was going. I tried to reason with him but the officer did not care one little bit. He issued me an appearance ticket. The courthouse was scalding hot when I showed up to plead my case.  The receptionist very impolitely informed me that their central air broke and that it won’t be fixed anytime soon. So, I sat in the courtroom and waited for my chance to plead my case. Of course I went absolute last, so I had been sitting in the courtroom for hours sweating away in my suit. By the time it was my turn to talk to someone about a plea deal I was at wits end. I was sitting in the courtroom without air conditioning for far too long and I was cranky. I told person talking to people about potential plea’s that I feel like sitting in their courtroom with no HVAC should be punishment enough and they should cut me a break. The prosecutor then proceeded to give me the full ticket cost and no bargain. I told them to take the money and put it towards having an HVAC technician come in and fix their torture chamber of a courtroom.

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