My mother went to great pains to raise my brother and I as conscientious individuals. Any time we were doing something wrong, whether it was being wasteful or not considering the feelings of others, she would reprimand us and make us repeat after her, exactly what the mistake had been. I used to hate how strict and heavy handed she was, but in retrospect I am glad she went about it the way that she did. No matter what somebody might say about me or my brother, there is no disputing that our mother did everything in her power to raise us right. Even the most simple things are still evidence of our good upbringing. For example, last month my HVAC system had to be upgraded. The old system at my house simply was not heating or cooling properly anymore. It was a long time coming to be honest, as that old HVAC system was original to the house, which was built over fifty years ago. Of course I wanted the new climate control system to be energy efficient. I was sick of paying staggering bills every month for mediocre temperature control. I also wanted to make sure that I got a good deal on the new heating and cooling equipment. Luckily, an old friend of mine runs the local HVAC supply shop, so I knew I could turn to him for advice. In the end, after doing some extensive climate control research and consulting, I think I got my new system for a third of the cost of most HVAC bundles out there.

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