When I was in college I was a diver on our swim team. I always was in the pool or on the diving board. The swim team was my life all throughout college. Once I graduated I made sure to live near home where my family pool was located. Now that I am married and with a home, I had to get my own pool. There are so many expenses with a pool I found. I gave up on looking into different diving boards, they are too expensive. For right now I am focusing on the pool. I want an inground pool that is heated. I refuse to swim in a freezing cold pool. It doesn’t have to feel like a hot tub, in fact it can be quite cool. But I do require some form of heat. The problem I was seeing is that a heater for a pool is quite expensive. After doing some research I found out that a boiler system can be used to heat your pool. Guess what heating system I have in my home? I own a boiler system. I use the boiler to heat my house and additionally my family‚Äôs water. It was such a relief to learn that my boiler can serve another function. The boiler is honestly more crucial to my life than my wife. If the boiler gave up one day my whole life would go up in flames. Now that I know I can heat my pool with existing equipment, I can spend more money on the actual pool.residential HVAC

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