I am a student teacher right now and I have an older lady as a substitute. This older lady has no idea what to do with technology in general. It is kind of annoying since I have things to get done and now I have to do her work. The smartboard is like a unicorn to her and the computers just plain confuse her. I am now glad there are things that happen automatically in the school. Thank goodness we have no access to the HVAC unit at the school or a thermostat. I do not also want to handle the heating and cooling of the room. I have needed to explain everything to her and in detail. It is kind of exhausting handling her confusions, my work and now I am dealing with small children. I feel like I should be the one running the heating, cooling, lighting and everything to do with the room. It is amazing how helpless some people are. Especially the older generation has no idea what to do when technology is present. How has she not adapted with the times? Does she not use a smartphone and smart thermostat? What does she use? What about for zone control air conditioning? I wonder if she just uses normal fans in the home. It is bizarre to me that she does not know any adaptations in our world. How does someone live in our world who does not understand simple computers and smartboards? It is going to be a long day for me guiding this woman through the process. central air system

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