At my house, we call my husband “Toilet Man.”  This title is because we constantly have problems with our toilet.  My poor husband is always the one stuck dealing with these problems.  We certainly can’t afford to call a plumber every time the toilet isn’t working right.  I’m not sure if the issues are caused by our hard water, ancient plumbing system, or our family of five relying on a single toilet.  Sometimes the toilet runs and runs, using up all of our water.  Sometimes the toilet continually clogs, and flushing becomes a rare and awesome achievement.  The toilet frequently leaks all over the floor.  We have learned to jiggle the handle, hold the handle down, and use very little paper.  We replace the toilet every couple of years, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference.  We’ve bought the cheapest toilet available, and also invested in expensive, state-of-the-art models.  We probably need to have our entire plumbing system replaced, but that is a costly and very involved project.  I have paid to have the sewer pumped, hoping this would help, but there was no improvement.  My husband is so proficient at replacing toilets, that he handles the whole job in under an hour.  Whenever there is a problem with the toilet, the kids begin to chant, “Toilet Man.”  My husband raises his plunger up high, and then gets to work.  We keep replacement parts on hand at all times.  We have wax rings, flappers, and even extra toilet seats.  We have a variety of sizes and styles of plungers.

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