I was thinking about conductors and insulators the other day. In science class kids learn about good conductors of heat and insulators. I remember not really getting how to tell which is which until we learned about walking on coals. Walking on coals can be done because the wood insulates the heat. This means all the heat is absorbed into the wood. Additionally the wood has pockets of air that let out the heat. That means you are not stepping on an open flame. The wood coals in reality are not that hot. Also in a coal walk you move quickly to get to one side. I find it interesting heating systems do not really pay attention to conductors and insulators of heat. My gas furnace has a glass pane on it. The glass is a good conductor of heat. The heat is in the glass and it makes it super hot. Anytime I go in front of my furnace I worry about burning myself. The glass gets so hot that it is very scary. Really metals should not be a prominent component in a heating unit. The metal gets too hot that it is impossible to touch. I never can clean my heating unit if I has just been on. Also I worry about my small children touching the hot glass on the heating unit. Obviously whoever made the furnace did not think about conductors and insulators. They must have made the furnace with what materials look best. The heater looks great, it just can get kind of dangerous.

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