I have been teaching young students spelling words as directed by the school curriculum. We have a set format on what we teach and how we teach. We get a list of spelling words that we need to teach the students. This most recent week we received the list and furnace was one of the words. I always have the students read the word aloud and attempt to give a definition. Next the students try to use the word in a sentence. For starters the kids could not even say the word. Then once I told them, they did not know what it was. I did not know how to define furnace for young students. It is a forced air, central heating system. It can be gas, oil or electric. The fuel source depends on your home and how energy efficient you want to be. Gas is more abundant but has several health and safety risks. Oil is more expensive but the furnace lasts longer. Electric is more costly to work but it will not have any potential hazards. You can’t exactly share all of this knowledge with younger students. What do I tell them? I basically tried to compare the furnace to the heating system in Home Alone. I also said it is like a warm fire but in a machine. It was a terrible explanation but young kids do not need to know what a furnace is. Who deemed that the word furnace was right for seven year old children? I was mad about the word and the kids hated it too.

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