I absolutely hate grocery shopping. It takes so long to pack up the kids and the stroller for the baby, who is too small to sit in the grocery cart and double check that I have everything, my wallet, list etcetera. It takes to much time to turn around and go back to the house to get anything that was forgotten. The kids are generally well behaved. It only gets really frustrating if there are a lot of other people in the store. It is not easy to maneuver a shopping cart and a baby in a stroller down busy grocery isles. I particularly dislike having to take the kids with me in the summer time. They just want to play outside or swim in the pool. On really hot days it takes longer for them to fall asleep for their naps, the heat is just too much for them and they can get very grumpy.At least while we are in the car I can turn the air conditioning on and everyone can ride far more comfortably. Amazingly for how hot it is outside and how wonderful the air conditioning in the car feels. When we are in the grocery store I actually put on a light sweater and the baby covered himself with his blanket. The cool air conditioning in the grocery store became too cool as we continued shopping. Stepping back into the summer sun felt wonderful on our cool skin. The comfortable feeling of cool skin and warm sun did not last very long, by the time I got the kids strapped into their seats and the groceries packed into the car, I was sweating and the kids were grumbling about being too hot and needing ice pops to cool off.

central air conditioning 


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