Tomorrow morning I am getting some new kitchen appliances delivered to my house. I am so excited to get a new fridge as well as a new oven. I cook and bake every single day, so I really get great use out of all my kitchen appliances. The inside of my oven is a mess. It is all black and looks completely and totally worn out. The fridge is just old. It was stainless steel and it I hate how you could always see the smudges all over it from my kid’s hands. I recently had the kitchen countertops remodeled so I figured a nice new refrigerator and oven would really make everything look great. I called last week to schedule the delivery appointment. A fridge and an oven are some pretty heavy things so I hope there at least two movers here to move the new appliances into the home as well as set them up. I am feeling so bad though because my air conditioning unit stopped working just yesterday. I called the HVAC company in town to come repair it but they said they could not come until tomorrow afternoon. I don’t mind waiting until the afternoon even though it so hot outside lately, but I do care because that means the poor men moving in my new appliances will be sweating extra. I will be sure to offer them multiple drinks and have a fan on when they arrive. The timing for my broken air conditioning unit could not have been worse. I just hope it can be repaired tomorrow.

Sometimes the winter season can feel very long. It just seems like the cold weather does not go away. The snow seems to keep coming back as well. The winter where I live often seems to be longer than the summer. I am the type of person who needs a long summer. I need the warm weather. It affects my life a lot by having cold weather. It affects me even more when it I’d cold and my furnace is not working. One time we were right in the middle of a blizzard. There were a bunch of travel band. People were getting into accidents everywhere. I was of course safe in my home. I did not go into work. I couldn’t even see across the street from me. The temperatures outside were cold. K was in the middle of cooking dinner. I was making soul for a couple of days. I noticed that the house was getting colder. Usually when I cook the house and my body feels warmer. Not this time though. I went to look at the thermostat. It said it was pretty cold in my house. It seemed as if it kept dropping every time I went back to look at it too. Unfortunately, I could not even ask for an HVAC professional to come save me. No one would be able to come in this weather. Instead, I checked the systems myself. I looked for unusual things. I looked for things that were out of place. I finally figured out though that I needed to check the filter. Sure enough the filter was completely clogged. I changed it and soon later I heard the system kick right back on. I was lucky it was something I could fix.

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I usually travel to places that are much warmer for me. I like to take vacations to warm weather where there are beaches. In fact I just went on a road trip to the beach. It took me awhile to get there but I went with a friend. We had a good time. I turned the HVAC system off when I left, I cleaned the house, I made sure everything was done. I did not want anything happening to my house while I was away. The weather had been fairly nice. It is spring so I expected the weather to get nice. There is no reason to leave the heat on or anything like that. When we got back from our trip, it was snowing. We were driving back into the area with snow. We wanted to turn around but it was far too late. I got out of the car when I got home and it was so cold. We came from almost 80 degree weather and now it was like 30 degrees. That is a huge difference. I had to turn my heat back on. Luckily it did turn back on and nothing happened while I was gone. It was the worst feeling having to turn the heat back on. This was horrible because it is towards the end of spring and it is still snowing, it should not be like this. I should not have to turn my heat on. It is a good thing I take care of my HVAC system so I can use it whenever I want.   HVAC service

I share an office with one other staff member at work. It is a fairly big office and we both have our desks in there. I hate sharing the office. He always brings in the worst smelling food in the world. I am convinced his wife is secretly poisoning him in his food and he is too stupid to notice. Well I notice the rancid smell every single day. Also he will take every phone call and put it on speaker. It annoys me so bad and it makes it impossible to do work. The worst battle the two of us have is the battle of heating and cooling. We have a thermostat in our office and we shut the door. He loves to have the room super air conditioned everyday. I think the reason he needs the cooling system on all the time is because he is fat. He is sweaty and we’ll insulated. Since I am in good shape and do not have fifty extra pounds, I get cold easily. I want to turn on the heating system most days. Basically if one of us leaves the office to use the bathroom or make a copy, the other one alters the thermostat. It is super annoy and bad for the HVAC unit no doubt. We are constantly messing with it. Lately he has been eating lunch in our company lunch room. I have started staying in the office while he leaves. I then turn up the thermostat, get some heat and listen to music. That thirty minutes have now become the highlight of my day. No bad smelling food and I can listen to The Doors in peace for once.

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There is an upcoming election and that is all people can talk about. There are the feminists that will just vote for the woman because she is a woman. There are people who will vote democrat or republican no matter who the candidate is. I work in a small watch shop that mostly gets elderly people as customers. The election is all they can talk about. They are all over me to vote for their candidate. I do not vote and I take no interest in voting. Policies do not necessarily bore me, I just don’t have time to follow them. Another issue I have is laziness with the voting process. I never want to go down to where people vote. The voting booths look really awful too. They have those thick curtains and it is such a small space. I bet it feels like a furnace in those booths. You know the voting booths are not air conditioned. Maybe they should have a cooling system hooked up to them. We always vote when it is really warm out and people are sweating. Usually people dress up in dress pants to vote. Then we all get crammed in an uncomfortable booth. There should be air conditioning for a safety issue. I know the building must have some type of cooling system. But I bet it is not cooling to a realistic temperature. It is easy to lower the temperature on a thermostat to save money. The cooling system then would not have to work as hard as it should.

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My mother just recently got divorced and now she lives with me. After her and her fourth husband separated, she needed a place to stay. My sister has a new baby that cries throughout the night. My younger brother is backpacking throughout Europe. Unfortunately this made me the most eligible candidate for my mother to move in with. I live alone with no pets or even any plants. I am not a nurturing person in the slightest bit. I have everything in my home set up the way I want it. Even my HVAC unit is the way I want it. I have a smart thermostat for my heating and cooling unit. The smart thermostat has learned my heating and cooling behaviors. The thermostat knows that when I go to bed I want to be toasty warm. I then get up early and exercise in my living room. My air conditioner turns on in the living room to cool down the room. After an hour of working out, the air conditioner turns off. While I am in the shower the heater turns on. The HVAC unit is working all the time against itself. I am wasting money but I am alright with it. I like the temperature to be different at different times of day. My mother however is ruining my routine. She keeps adjusting my thermostat and ruining my weekly schedule. She is setting the unit to her needs. Now I have to readjust everything else. She also is adjusting the humidity levels in my home as well. I love my mother but I can’t stand the temperature changes.

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I overreact to things when I get really mad or upset. When I installed dry wall in my son’s room I kept setting it up wrong and ruining the pieces. I ended up throwing a piece of drywall outside and left it on the curb. I then tried to complete the project and realized I was one piece short. I then had to get the dirty, gross piece I left on the curb to finish the job. When I installed windows in my home I could not get the one window in. I got so mad that I threw the window and broke it. I tend to overreact and make things a lot worse for me. When I got my new ductless mini-split air conditioner I tried to talk myself off the ledge. I told myself that I was not going to overreact. All I needed to do was calm down and set up the cooling unit. How hard is installing an air conditioner? A ductless mini-split system is not hard to set up if you are calm. You set up the indoor air handler by drilling a few holes in the wall. You feed the wiring and refrigerant tubes until you get to the outdoor air compressor. It should be easy and then you install the thermostat. I of course got really frustrated way to quickly. I ended up having an issue with the wiring. Instead of calling a HVAC technician for assistance I started yanking the unit out of the wall. I damaged the cooling unit and now I am hoping I can get a new one for free.


I am staying in a hotel room for a couple of days.  It is a really nice hotel, with all sorts of great amenities.  There’s a swimming pool, spa, and a wonderful fitness center.  There’s free breakfast in the morning, coffee and tea always available, and delicious cookies offered at the front desk.  The hotel room is spacious and clean, and the beds are super comfortable.  I spent my first half hour in the room listening to a extremely high-pitched squeaking noise.  It was driving me insane.  I thought it was the HVAC system.  I tried adjusting the fan speed, switching from cooling to heating, and finally turned it off.  The noise didn’t quit.  I finally tracked it to the mini fridge.  I had to pull the mini fridge away from the wall and unplug it.  I then had trouble getting the HVAC set to the right temperature.  First I had the fan blowing so hard that I was shivering like a wet dog.  I turned the fan down and the room immediately felt all stale and stuffy.    My first night in the room, I varied between being way too hot and way too cold.  The HVAC system has a touchscreen panel and it is so sensitive that even one little tap of my finger results in huge temperature swings.  I finally have it set just the way I want it, and now I’m afraid the maids will adjust it.  I am trying to keep them out of my room, but I really need a fresh supply of towels. HVAC repair

I totally hate every part of my job.  I despise getting up super early, dressing in skirts and heels, and spending long hours working with a bunch of people that I can’t stand.  My boss is horrible, and every time he speaks, he bores me out of my mind.  I was recently forced to attend a conference with my boss.  We had to travel together, in a company car, for ten hours.  My boss sweats profusely, so he ran the air conditioning on high the entire ride.  The company car is not well cared for and smells like cigarette smoke.  The air conditioner doesn’t work very well, and it just blew that stale, stinky air around the car.  It gave me a terrible headache.  When we finally checked into our hotel, I couldn’t wait to get away from my boss for a little while.  I only got an hour to myself before I had to meet him again for dinner. Since the company was paying expenses, I hoped that I’d get a really nice dinner. Instead, my boss took me to a fast food place.  I am a vegetarian, so the only thing I could eat was French fries.  We spent the entire next day at a conference, and it was a complete nightmare.  My boss and I had to put on a presentation, and I did not feel prepared at all.  I was quite nervous, and it didn’t help that there was no air conditioning in the venue.  I was so sweaty and unhappy that I decided to quit my job as soon as I returned home.

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