My boss thought that having a picnic would be a great way to show his appreciation to the employees of our company.  So, he hired a caterer and chose a nice outdoor venue to have this picnic at.  He even closed the business early on a Friday afternoon!  He had pony rides for the kids, face painting, a wine and beer tent, horseshoes, volleyball and a pool!  He thought of everything.  Well, everything except the weather in August when you live in the South.  We were all desperately trying to enjoy this nice expression of appreciation by my boss but it was almost impossible with the oppressive heat.  There was a three legged race but nobody wanted to participate because putting your leg in a burlap sack when it was already almost 100 degrees is not appealing.  Keeping the drinks cold became an issue because the ice was melting at such a rapid pace it was ridiculous.  The only thing missing in this entire outing was a cooling tent!  If there had been a tent or even a building that offered a nice, reliable air conditioning unit people could escape into to cool off and then go back out into the heat it would have been much more enjoyable for everyone.  I felt badly for my boss because people started leaving as soon as the food had been served and eaten because it was just too hot outside to be comfortable.  You just can not underestimate the comfort of having an HVAC unit nearby when the weather gets that hot.

HVAC unit 

I live in a tiny house with my two best friends. We have been friends since elementary school. We all grew up on the same block and our parents are friends as well. When we graduated high school we decided to move out into the same house to save money. We are fortunate to all have our own rooms. There is a small kitchen, living room, and bathroom as well. Because we are all studying at university and only working part-time jobs, there is not a lot of extra money between the three of us. Instead of investing in expensive central heating, we have purchased two secondhand space heaters. It can be pretty funny to use these space heaters. In the winter, we drag them around the house depending on which room we are using most at the time. In the morning, we bring the space heaters into the living room and kitchen area while we eat breakfast. At night, we take turns putting the space heaters in our bedrooms to heat them before we go to sleep. In the future we should probably buy one more heater so we can all keep one in our bedroom. Our parents make fun of us for living like hippies. We don’t mind, though. We manage our own finances, so we know how much money we save each month by using the space heaters instead of proper central heating. The space heaters are perfectly adequate for now. The day I can pay for central heating will be the day I feel rich.

space heater 

About 5 months ago I got a new puppy. I was so excited to get this dog since I had dreaming of having a pet of my own since I was a young kid. My parents never were huge animal lover so they never wanted to have an animal in the home. At the time, my siblings and I were so upset that we were not allowed to get a pet but now looking back on it, it makes sense why. We all wanted a dog so bad but none of us were ever even home to take care of it. We never wanted to admit that though. I was always going to dance lessons and my brothers and sisters were involved in their own sports and activities of their own. My parents always said “When you’re older you will understand” and yes, now I understand. I thought going to get my own puppy would make me so happy but it turned out to be way harder than I imagined. Having a puppy is like having a child. You always need to be there to give it attention, love as well as food and care in general. Something I did not think enough about was training. I’ve been taking the pup to an indoor training class once a week. At last week’s session, the A/C in the training center broke. Without air conditioning, the owners were all cranky and the dogs were all misbehaving. In my home, we have A/C so the puppy has gotten used to it. Without it, he can get hostile and crazier than usual.

air conditioning 

I grew up in the north, where winter sometimes got pretty brutal. Negative temperatures, freezing rain, and icy roads. All of those things really weren’t the best things to put up with during the winter months, but I absolutely love the snow. Sledding, skiing, and every other winter sport. So one thing that comes in super handy during the winter, is a heater of course! After being outside in the snow for so long, you just wanna go inside a nice warm, heated house, and that’s exactly what I did! You can’t live up in the north, the North Pole as we like to call it sometimes, and not have a furnace! A heater is a primary thing you want to make sure is working when you buy a house, especially if it’s getting close to the end of the year. Having a heater can be a lifesaver, especially for those that can’t brave the cold as much as others. Sometimes the temperatures gets to negative sixty degrees with the wind chill, so you definitely want to come home to a nice, heated home. After having your vehicle sit outside for sometimes only an hour, you have to scrape ice off the windows and crank up the heater to defrost your windshield before leaving! So one lesson you will learn fast if you’re going to move up north, is you definitely need to have your heater working during those winter months, or you might just freeze! It may get freezing cold, and it may not be very fun to drive up in the colder winter states around that time of year, but I will always love my home and I definitely encourage visiting there, even if it’s in the summer!


I was in a foreign country and I was there visiting with some friends and having the time of our young lives.  I had recently graduated from high school and was looking to go out with a bang and to begin the next phase of my life with the same measure.  We were able to travel from city to city and explore the culture of this people that we had never before known.  We went to world famous museums, castles, concerts, and tried some of the most delicious food that I ever had the blessing of placing in my mouth.  It was such a great time.  While we were there we experienced a heat wave that was stronger than anything the country had seen in a long time.  Our desire to see and experience as much as we could kept us outdoors for the good portion of the day.  It finally came to the point that we could bear no more and had to get a cool down in our room.  We made it back and the first maneuver that we undertook was to turn the air conditioner on.  We made sure that the thermostat was right and set it all up so that cool air would be flowing all around us.  It soon did and we cooled down considerably.  It was a blessing that the landlord had a good technician on hand to make sure that the cooling unit was functioning properly for a moment such as this.air conditioner

As a detective in the local police force I do not really see all that many confusing cases. This is probably because I live quite a ways up north and in a region that isn’t heavily populated. Still though, from time to time I do get a case that involved a bit of elbow grease to be able to close. Nothing I have ever solved comes closer to the case I just had to deal with. A pilot was found dead in his airplane a few days ago. It looks like he had been there for the entire winter so our first suspicion was that he froze to death. However, the plane was fueled and there was no evidence of damage to the HVAC system. This really confused me, since I could only think of a malfunctioning HVAC system as the cause of death for this man. We ended up having to do an autopsy, a procedure that is rarely ever performed in these parts. I was a bit shocked when I went to the morgue, I had forgotten how low the thermostat has to be set in order to preserve the bodies. The air conditioning system was a serious wake up call to the solemnness of the situation! Regardless, the mortuary was able to inform me that the pilot had died from alcohol poisoning and just like that the situation was closed. My superior has ordered me to stand down from the case even though I felt something was still off about the plane’s heating and cooling system. I suppose that this is the type of case that you never let go, despite the story that the evidence tells.


I have always been the type of father to do anything for my children. When my first son was born I sold my car so that we could pay for his diapers. I rode on the train to and from work everyday for two years, until the family was finally in a place where we could afford to buy another vehicle. I sacrifice my personal time constantly in order to provide a good life for my wife and kids, and I am perfectly happy with that. In my mind, a father’s only job is to make sure that his family is safe and happy. That is why when we were told that our son was suffering from a rash caused by our defective HVAC system I set out on a mission to fix this problem. I was looking for different HVAC systems for sale in the paper but then I realized that there was a contest for one. Of course, the HVAC system and the contest was located out in the suburbs, so I wasn’t all too sure of what I was getting into. Nevertheless, I drove to the suburbs in the hopes of winning such an amazing sounding HVAC system (it even came with radiant flooring and a smart thermostat control system). When I arrived I realized the contest was to see who could best solve a puzzle in under fifteen minutes. I thought the contest a bit strange, but I solved the puzzle as fast as I could anyway and won the precious HVAC system. I am happy to report that with this new HVAC system my son’s rash has entirely gone away.

I know that spring is like the transition period between winter and summer. I just wish that the spring was a little bit warmest. I am ready for the hot temperatures and the nice weather. I do not like this rainy weather or the colder feeling temperatures. I definitely do not want it to get so cold again that it snows. I really just want to have warm weather. I do not want to be using my heat anymore. I love to be warm and comfortable and cozy but I am sick of using the heat. I also get dry skin so using the heat does not help my skin. It is not making it easy for me to live right now. These dark and gloomy days of the spring are also making it hard to live. I do not want to get out of bed. I just want to lay where my bed is warm and I can sleep. My HVAC must be tired of running the heat as well. I want to switch over to air conditioning but it is far too soon for that. I think I may get a tune up very soon in the future though. Even if I am not going to be using the air conditioning soon, I will still need a tune up for the heating system. I am going to use the air conditioning eventually and when I do I want it to be running properly. The tune up will consistent of a cleaning and fixing defective parts within the system. The system has been used for a while and it must have collected dust and dirt in the system. The last thing I want is for it to break down right when I am getting ready to turn it off. heater installation

Many people think I am crazy.  I take my dog with me most places.  She is a small dog and everyone who meets her just loves her.  I was never one to like little dogs.  I always used to tell people that they were not worth all the trouble, that is until I got one.  She is the love of my life.  She is very spoiled.  I decided that she needs her own area outside and my husband says I am taking things too far.  I looked up ways to make a doghouse that has all the comforts of home.  I want to build her little furniture and make a feeding station for her.  I also want to make it cool and comfortable during the summer.  I asked my husband to put electric in her house so I can purchase a small fan to cool her off.  He thinks I have lost it.  I guess it may be that I have gone to far as he says.  Maybe I will just let her stay in the air conditioned house with me instead.  I do think of her as one of my children.  She loves me unconditionally and never talks back.  In some ways she is better than a child.  People who purchase animals and leave them out in the elements to survive are cruel.  They deserve to be in a climate controlled home as much as any person.  One day, if I had the money I would open a shelter that was as comfortable as any home for all of the mistreated animals out there.   

residential cooling 

Last week I had my family over for dinner. It was not a special occasion or anything, we simply just enjoy getting together and enjoying each other’s company. It is typical for my family to come over for dinner, especially on Sundays. We are Italian so we love a good pasta dinner on a Sunday evening. We have homemade sauce and all different types of pastas and macaroni including gnocchi, spaghetti, and ravioli. I love it all, especially if it is cheese filled. When supper was through, I was doing some of the dishes in the kitchen sink. I noticed that the water was taking longer to go down the drain and the sink was getting fuller and fuller with dirty water. We had a garbage disposal unit in the sink that my family loves to use but I personally hate it. In my opinion, they are gross. Why not just throw food in the trash? Not put it in the sink. It makes the sink stinky at times. I thought that might be the problem so I called a plumber to investigate. The plumber discovered some clogging in the pipes and yes, it was due to the garbage disposal unit. The grinder was not finely grinding the old food down enough so it was getting clogged in the pipe. That was enough of that, no more using the garbage disposal. I needed to tell my family to stop using it or else the plumber will keep having to make trips back to our house to unclog the pipes and the drain.

pipe cleaning