Recently, I took a trip with my kids to the humane society to take a look at the pets they had available for adoption. My daughter has been begging me for a cat for the past few years, and I decided that she was now old enough to take care of one herself. There were a total of about 30 cats available that day. We looked at the orange ones, the white ones, the fluffy cats, the short-haired cats, and the silly cats that were put in the “unknown” category. My daughter, just like me, went with a very strange cat. She liked the one that was missing an eye. I started getting very warm while we were standing there, petting this cat. I wondered if there was some sort of issue with their air conditioner. The humane society volunteer continued describing that particular cat’s needs and habits, and I had to interrupt her to ask about their cooling system. I asked if there was something off, and if they were going to have it fixed. They obviously couldn’t have nearly 100 animals in this building without any A/C. She went and spoke to the volunteer coordinator there, and they made sure to radio in their on-call HVAC provider right away. They had a very strict contract with them that they would come in on an as-needed basis, which made complete sense to me. Just as we were leaving with the one-eyed cat, the air conditioner flipped on and everything suddenly became more comfortable. This kitty would love our air conditioner at home, as soon as I can get there!

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The town that I live in is a very small one.  There are only about 10,000 or so people that live here and if you hold your breath you might just be able to do so while driving through the whole town.  I wouldn’t change it for the world though.  I have lived here practically my whole life and there are so many great and wonderful people that I have come to know and become great friends with.  It is one of those communities where you know there is someone that always has your back and will go the extra mile to make sure that everything is alright.  In my little town there are actually two different power companies.  Some of the residents have one of them that they use and the rest have the other.  It all depends upon where you live in the town.  During a major storm it is fairly common for the power to go out in the homes of those that are serviced by one of the power companies and those that use the other never seem to lose power.  Losing power is not good at all.  In that condition there is no way to operate the HVAC system unless you have major precautions in place and have your own generator.  With the HVAC system down it becomes very hot or cold, depending on the outside temperatures.  Not being able to adjust the temperatures inside is a difficult and inconvenient matter.  Sometimes it takes hours for the power to come back on.  The people are relieved when it finally comes on again and they are able to cool or heat their homes.  Fortunately, I am one of the lucky ones that never loses power.  

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It’s so nice to think about the old days, when I was living with my grandmother, and we were on a farm. We lived off of our own land, and we absolutely loved it. I remember when she taught me how to plant tomatoes, how to care for them, and how to know when I could finally pick them off. I remember when my grandfather taught me how to fish on the farm. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was fishing with him and caught my very first bass. There were so  many wonderful things about the place. There is one thing that I remember that I didn’t enjoy very much however, and that was the lack of temperature control. Now that I’ve aged quite a bit, I’ve started to realize that I can’t imagine living without it again. I think HVAC technology is to thank for us being able to achieve as old of an age as we do today. Without heating and cooling systems, we would not be able to survive in any sort of a weak state. When I was little, I slept in a loft bed, and I was just fine without A/C, as were my grandparents. We were still hearty and young enough to tough out the heat. Now that I’ve grown into the woman I am today, I sleep in a bed that’s designed for my comfort, within a home that contains central air conditioning, and I can manipulate the thermostat at will. How far will HVAC technology go, or technology in general? The changes over the years are an amazing thing to think about.home comfort

Lots of people tend to have issues with their in-laws, and I’ve experienced the reason why in the past. However, I couldn’t be happier with my current in-laws. My husband’s mother is just like I am in that she is extremely anti-social, but enjoys her life doing the things she loves, and spending time with the few people she cares about. Their yard is absolutely breathtaking, and contains a giant vegetable garden, trees with an abundance of flowers providing shade for summer days, and best of all, a Koi fish pond. The only thing that I’ve never really cared for when it comes to visiting their house is that they rely strictly on window units for their air conditioning needs. It has become apparent that the reason they don’t use central air conditioning is that they felt they were saving money on energy costs by not using it. I decided to have a discussion with my mother-in-law to discuss why this simply isn’t true. I did some research, and found that temperature control is much better with central A/C, as well as indoor air quality. With regular maintenance, a newer unit would save her about twice as much on energy costs, and even more if she opted to install HVAC zone control. I showed her comparisons between her current energy bill, and what it could look like if she opted for the most energy-efficient unit there was available, as well as the return she would get on her taxes for using it. Needless to say, she didn’t have the funds for the most amazing central HVAC system, but she did decide to go ahead and purchase central A/C once and for all.thermostat

My husband and I pride ourselves on what we’ve built our lives to be. Our dark pasts were something that when we met, we were both more than ready to shove underneath the rug. We’ve successfully gone through the adoption process so that we officially have a child together. I put him through school, and he obtained a good-paying job. Then, he did the same for me. We decided a year today to purchase two wolf dogs, which are hybrids between wolves, and usually huskies. Now that our goals were complete, we sold just about everything we had, regardless of our credit, to buy a house in foreclosure. The HVAC system was old and broken, and it desperately needed painting, and some remodeling. With our skills, though, we knew we could rebuild it into a perfect shelter for our beautiful family. The location we purchased the house in was in a very hot and humid climate. The air conditioner would have to be able to cool our wolf dogs down, due to their multiple thick layers of hair. The lack of A/C had us all so hot when it came time to renovate, that we had to find someone to take care of our dogs and daughter while we searched. We knew it would cost a fortune to run a cooling system that would ice up the house at all times, so we looked elsewhere. Then, we learned about zoned air conditioning systems. The new HVAC units were energy-efficient, plus you could control your thermostat to cool, or not cool, all the different “zones” (rooms, basically) in your house. We knew this would be fitting, although it was pricey, because it would save us likely hundreds of thousands in the long run. We couldn’t wait to experiment with our new HVAC technology.

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Pet problems

My dogs are my best friends. They are also like children to me and they are my world. We live out in the country and the dogs and I love to be out enjoying our land. I take my dogs with me everywhere I go that they can go too and they love it. Needless to say we are very close and there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for them. I noticed my dogs were overheating in the summer so I had air conditioning installed. Along with the air conditioning, I had the HVAC installers put in smart thermostats so that I could keep their room a little cooler than mine. In the winter we were enjoying our wood burning stove for a few years. It was a lot of work and was a bit messy but it was cost efficient. My one dog began laying right in front of the woodstove. I wondered how he could do it but thought nothing of it. Then I noticed my dog began to shed in the winter and grow a thick coat in the summer. This wasn’t good. I had to do away with the wood stove to protect my dog. I called the HVAC company back and had my home switched over to furnace heating. My dog normalized now that he wasn’t feeling warmer in the winter than the summer and I protected his coat of fur. In the winter, now they crowd my bed since the whole house is heated evenly. I’ve toyed with the idea of making my room cooler and theirs warmer just to have them want to be in there.

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My friend was so gracious to let me stay with him for a week while my apartment was getting its bathroom redone. He didn’t charge me anything, and took me out to eat once which was so nice of him to be spending more money. To thank him I helped clean out his living room and kitchen, which was messier than I’ve ever seen a room before. I cleaned all of the extra dishes, took out the trash, threw a bunch of stuff out, and cleaned. I opened a door which I didn’t know where it led, out of curiosity. It led to a very dark set of stairs that go up to a very cold room. I felt a wall of strong air conditioning winds come at me when I first opened the door. I asked him if he’d ever been up there and he said no. I felt spontaneous and made a trip up the stairs and passed by an air conditioning system right above the stairs. It was a very odd sensation, with a lot of spider webs. The cool air was thrusting them in directions that caught my clothes. It felt kind of like a horror movie, because it was so dark. The HVAC system was making the air so cold it was almost scratching my skin. Why do they have an air conditioner up here in the attic if no one is using this space? I hurried back down the stairs and brushed up against the air conditioner as I passed. I don’t think it was blowing anything out of it at all. I wasn’t positive, but I think the machine was completely off. How scary.


My wife is terrible at remembering to change the filter in our home’s HVAC system.  I travel a lot for work and may not be around for weeks at a time, so I typically leave the household appliance care to my wife.  But she can never ever remember to take care of anything.  She has a hard enough time remembering to feed and walk our two dogs.  They are constantly whining to remind her that they are hungry.  So I now have to constantly leave notes around our house, reminding her of things that have to be done.  The post-it notes have been very helpful.  If we need groceries, I will leave a note on the refrigerator.  Then she remembers that we literally have no food in the house and will head to the grocery store.  But my wife still has a difficult time remembering to change the air filter in our HVAC system.  I have been leaving the note on our kitchen table, but she always seems to overlook it.  She may actually be doing this on purpose.  Perhaps my wife does not want the responsibility of changing the HVAC system’s air filter on a monthly basis.  I always end up having to change the air filter myself anyways.  I am not even sure why I continue to leave her notes, asking her to replace the air filter.  I know that she has enough to do in other areas of the home and I really do not mind changing the air filter myself.  I just fear the HVAC system may not work as well when I am not home.  air filter

I’m trying to eat better and exercise harder. Fighting the battle of the bulge has been a lifelong struggle for me. I really do eat well, and have a regular workout schedule, but every once in awhile I fall off the wagon, and my body suffers for it. I just spent the last three weeks entertaining out of town guests. That really plays havoc with my regular routine. Not going to the gym for three straight weeks makes it really difficult to get back on track. But today was my day. I forced myself to get out of bed, get dressed and go to the gym. It was a chore, but I knew I had to do it. When I got to the gym, they had a sign posted that they were having HVAC problems. It was obvious, because it was really hot and humid in there. It was almost enough to make me turn around and go back home, but I forced myself to stay and do the workout. About halfway through, I thought I was going to die. I was sweating so much, and I just kept telling myself that it was doing me good to be sweating all the toxins out of my body. I drank about a gallon of water, and still felt like I might faint. The good thing was, that because there was no air conditioning, there was hardly anybody in the gym, so I had quick access to all the equipment. There was no waiting and I finished my workout in record time. I was pretty proud of myself that I pushed through such difficult circumstances. It only gave me more motivation to stick with it.

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I seem to be having a lot of issues with things that are necessary to my lifestyle as of late. First, my fridge broke so I had to call a professional so that I could have that looked at, and it turned out that the damage was bad enough that I had to buy a whole entire new refrigerator. As if that was not bad enough, I had to get another consultation about my electrical wiring for the lighting. My lights would go off randomly, even if the light bulb was fresh and new, or they would dim at random times, and it was very inconvenient and odd. I did not enjoy it at all, obviously. It turned out that something had been chewing at some wires.Then, the worst one hit. I commute to work, which is a thirty minute drive every single day. There aren’t any busses or any other ways to commute, of course, which made this next situation even worse for me. My car’s heating and cooling system broke completely, and the air conditioning nor the heater would run at all, which really sucked, because I do make use of both of those things quite a bit. They originally said it would take a day each to fix the heating and cooling units inside of the car, but then they called saying that there was a huge problem with the heating system, so it was going to have to be kept in the shop for quite a bit longer than they thought it was going to be in there. This obviously made work a lot more complicated for me. I managed to find rides some days but had to use some personal days which sucked. I hate having my car HVAC be broken.

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