I seem to be having a lot of issues with things that are necessary to my lifestyle as of late. First, my fridge broke so I had to call a professional so that I could have that looked at, and it turned out that the damage was bad enough that I had to buy a whole entire new refrigerator. As if that was not bad enough, I had to get another consultation about my electrical wiring for the lighting. My lights would go off randomly, even if the light bulb was fresh and new, or they would dim at random times, and it was very inconvenient and odd. I did not enjoy it at all, obviously. It turned out that something had been chewing at some wires.Then, the worst one hit. I commute to work, which is a thirty minute drive every single day. There aren’t any busses or any other ways to commute, of course, which made this next situation even worse for me. My car’s heating and cooling system broke completely, and the air conditioning nor the heater would run at all, which really sucked, because I do make use of both of those things quite a bit. They originally said it would take a day each to fix the heating and cooling units inside of the car, but then they called saying that there was a huge problem with the heating system, so it was going to have to be kept in the shop for quite a bit longer than they thought it was going to be in there. This obviously made work a lot more complicated for me. I managed to find rides some days but had to use some personal days which sucked. I hate having my car HVAC be broken.

AC system 

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