Lots of people tend to have issues with their in-laws, and I’ve experienced the reason why in the past. However, I couldn’t be happier with my current in-laws. My husband’s mother is just like I am in that she is extremely anti-social, but enjoys her life doing the things she loves, and spending time with the few people she cares about. Their yard is absolutely breathtaking, and contains a giant vegetable garden, trees with an abundance of flowers providing shade for summer days, and best of all, a Koi fish pond. The only thing that I’ve never really cared for when it comes to visiting their house is that they rely strictly on window units for their air conditioning needs. It has become apparent that the reason they don’t use central air conditioning is that they felt they were saving money on energy costs by not using it. I decided to have a discussion with my mother-in-law to discuss why this simply isn’t true. I did some research, and found that temperature control is much better with central A/C, as well as indoor air quality. With regular maintenance, a newer unit would save her about twice as much on energy costs, and even more if she opted to install HVAC zone control. I showed her comparisons between her current energy bill, and what it could look like if she opted for the most energy-efficient unit there was available, as well as the return she would get on her taxes for using it. Needless to say, she didn’t have the funds for the most amazing central HVAC system, but she did decide to go ahead and purchase central A/C once and for all.thermostat

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