It’s so nice to think about the old days, when I was living with my grandmother, and we were on a farm. We lived off of our own land, and we absolutely loved it. I remember when she taught me how to plant tomatoes, how to care for them, and how to know when I could finally pick them off. I remember when my grandfather taught me how to fish on the farm. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was fishing with him and caught my very first bass. There were so  many wonderful things about the place. There is one thing that I remember that I didn’t enjoy very much however, and that was the lack of temperature control. Now that I’ve aged quite a bit, I’ve started to realize that I can’t imagine living without it again. I think HVAC technology is to thank for us being able to achieve as old of an age as we do today. Without heating and cooling systems, we would not be able to survive in any sort of a weak state. When I was little, I slept in a loft bed, and I was just fine without A/C, as were my grandparents. We were still hearty and young enough to tough out the heat. Now that I’ve grown into the woman I am today, I sleep in a bed that’s designed for my comfort, within a home that contains central air conditioning, and I can manipulate the thermostat at will. How far will HVAC technology go, or technology in general? The changes over the years are an amazing thing to think about.home comfort

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