My wife is terrible at remembering to change the filter in our home’s HVAC system.  I travel a lot for work and may not be around for weeks at a time, so I typically leave the household appliance care to my wife.  But she can never ever remember to take care of anything.  She has a hard enough time remembering to feed and walk our two dogs.  They are constantly whining to remind her that they are hungry.  So I now have to constantly leave notes around our house, reminding her of things that have to be done.  The post-it notes have been very helpful.  If we need groceries, I will leave a note on the refrigerator.  Then she remembers that we literally have no food in the house and will head to the grocery store.  But my wife still has a difficult time remembering to change the air filter in our HVAC system.  I have been leaving the note on our kitchen table, but she always seems to overlook it.  She may actually be doing this on purpose.  Perhaps my wife does not want the responsibility of changing the HVAC system’s air filter on a monthly basis.  I always end up having to change the air filter myself anyways.  I am not even sure why I continue to leave her notes, asking her to replace the air filter.  I know that she has enough to do in other areas of the home and I really do not mind changing the air filter myself.  I just fear the HVAC system may not work as well when I am not home.  air filter

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