My friend was so gracious to let me stay with him for a week while my apartment was getting its bathroom redone. He didn’t charge me anything, and took me out to eat once which was so nice of him to be spending more money. To thank him I helped clean out his living room and kitchen, which was messier than I’ve ever seen a room before. I cleaned all of the extra dishes, took out the trash, threw a bunch of stuff out, and cleaned. I opened a door which I didn’t know where it led, out of curiosity. It led to a very dark set of stairs that go up to a very cold room. I felt a wall of strong air conditioning winds come at me when I first opened the door. I asked him if he’d ever been up there and he said no. I felt spontaneous and made a trip up the stairs and passed by an air conditioning system right above the stairs. It was a very odd sensation, with a lot of spider webs. The cool air was thrusting them in directions that caught my clothes. It felt kind of like a horror movie, because it was so dark. The HVAC system was making the air so cold it was almost scratching my skin. Why do they have an air conditioner up here in the attic if no one is using this space? I hurried back down the stairs and brushed up against the air conditioner as I passed. I don’t think it was blowing anything out of it at all. I wasn’t positive, but I think the machine was completely off. How scary.


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