Pet problems

My dogs are my best friends. They are also like children to me and they are my world. We live out in the country and the dogs and I love to be out enjoying our land. I take my dogs with me everywhere I go that they can go too and they love it. Needless to say we are very close and there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for them. I noticed my dogs were overheating in the summer so I had air conditioning installed. Along with the air conditioning, I had the HVAC installers put in smart thermostats so that I could keep their room a little cooler than mine. In the winter we were enjoying our wood burning stove for a few years. It was a lot of work and was a bit messy but it was cost efficient. My one dog began laying right in front of the woodstove. I wondered how he could do it but thought nothing of it. Then I noticed my dog began to shed in the winter and grow a thick coat in the summer. This wasn’t good. I had to do away with the wood stove to protect my dog. I called the HVAC company back and had my home switched over to furnace heating. My dog normalized now that he wasn’t feeling warmer in the winter than the summer and I protected his coat of fur. In the winter, now they crowd my bed since the whole house is heated evenly. I’ve toyed with the idea of making my room cooler and theirs warmer just to have them want to be in there.

air conditioner tune-up 

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