Recently, I took a trip with my kids to the humane society to take a look at the pets they had available for adoption. My daughter has been begging me for a cat for the past few years, and I decided that she was now old enough to take care of one herself. There were a total of about 30 cats available that day. We looked at the orange ones, the white ones, the fluffy cats, the short-haired cats, and the silly cats that were put in the “unknown” category. My daughter, just like me, went with a very strange cat. She liked the one that was missing an eye. I started getting very warm while we were standing there, petting this cat. I wondered if there was some sort of issue with their air conditioner. The humane society volunteer continued describing that particular cat’s needs and habits, and I had to interrupt her to ask about their cooling system. I asked if there was something off, and if they were going to have it fixed. They obviously couldn’t have nearly 100 animals in this building without any A/C. She went and spoke to the volunteer coordinator there, and they made sure to radio in their on-call HVAC provider right away. They had a very strict contract with them that they would come in on an as-needed basis, which made complete sense to me. Just as we were leaving with the one-eyed cat, the air conditioner flipped on and everything suddenly became more comfortable. This kitty would love our air conditioner at home, as soon as I can get there!

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