My husband and I pride ourselves on what we’ve built our lives to be. Our dark pasts were something that when we met, we were both more than ready to shove underneath the rug. We’ve successfully gone through the adoption process so that we officially have a child together. I put him through school, and he obtained a good-paying job. Then, he did the same for me. We decided a year today to purchase two wolf dogs, which are hybrids between wolves, and usually huskies. Now that our goals were complete, we sold just about everything we had, regardless of our credit, to buy a house in foreclosure. The HVAC system was old and broken, and it desperately needed painting, and some remodeling. With our skills, though, we knew we could rebuild it into a perfect shelter for our beautiful family. The location we purchased the house in was in a very hot and humid climate. The air conditioner would have to be able to cool our wolf dogs down, due to their multiple thick layers of hair. The lack of A/C had us all so hot when it came time to renovate, that we had to find someone to take care of our dogs and daughter while we searched. We knew it would cost a fortune to run a cooling system that would ice up the house at all times, so we looked elsewhere. Then, we learned about zoned air conditioning systems. The new HVAC units were energy-efficient, plus you could control your thermostat to cool, or not cool, all the different “zones” (rooms, basically) in your house. We knew this would be fitting, although it was pricey, because it would save us likely hundreds of thousands in the long run. We couldn’t wait to experiment with our new HVAC technology.

cooling repair 

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