I attend college. I am currently taking a break for the winter. I do not need to attend classes right now. This means that the gym is closed as well. I can go to the campus for the gym. I do not need to pay for a gym membership around town. It is very convenient for me except during breaks. There is no one to run the gym. That is why it is not open. I have been attempting to workout in my house. I might even go for a few runs here and there. The only problems with working out in my home is the wood floors. I don’t like to wear shoes in my house. I workout in barefoot. The wood floors are so cold on my feet. When I go to lay down, I feel it on my back and my whole body. I usually have to wait a bit until my body adjusts. I thought of an easy solution to this problem. I could get radiant floor heating. I think that is a very easy solution too. This type of heat heats the floor. My bare feet would never be cold again. I would not have to lay down and wait for my body to adjust. It would be the perfect solution. I had to decide though if I wanted to spend the money. I only needed it until the gym was open again. I decided to install it. I thought it would also help keep me and my home warm. I called my local HVAC business. They sent an HVAC technician to size the flooring and such. They had it installed very quickly after that.

furnace tune-up 

Ever since I was a teenager I always had problems with acne. When I was going through puberty I had a lot of acne. I tried so many different acne face washes and I even took acne medication. In the winter it would get better because my skin would dry out. However there were cold days where I would still get really bad breakouts. Plus my hair didn’t do too well in the winter weather either. My hair would dry out like crazy and I felt like my hair was so unhealthy. I tried so many different shampoos and conditioners but I seemed like I couldn’t find the right one to aid the dryness. When I was older I made sure that I had a humidifier to go with my furnace. I thought it was working at first but then I realized it wasn’t working. My hair and skin was still very dry. I’ve replaced the filter plenty of times, I checked for water flow when it was in test mode. It seemed to work fine in that mode but I didn’t test it while the system was running. I wasn’t sure how to do that, that’s when I decided I should call a licensed HVAC technician. I have had the humidifier set to the highest that it can go which is at 45%. I’m not positive if furnace attached humidifiers are the best route to go. I think I will call our HVAC technician to see what humidifier is best and what exactly is wrong with it.

air conditioning tune-up 

Ever since I was younger I could always remember my mom being cold. When we would go to the beach she would be cold. She would start feeling cold once we left the beach and started packing the car. I love to have the windows down after the beach. However when I’m with my mom she puts the window lock on so I can’t put my window down. I used to get so frustrated with her. When winter came, it was the absolute worst. My mom would be feeling at least five times colder than everyone else in the house. We would have our thermostat set to seventy but she said she was still cold and could always feel a chilly draft. When I would come home from work I would see her on the couch watching TV and bundled up in a sweatshirt with her hood up and blanket. After a while my family and I were quite concerned about her health. I saw in a health magazine that people who are normally cold very often could potentially have a thyroid disorder. I told my mom what I read and told her that she should make an appointment with her doctor. Constantly changing the thermostat for my mom was becoming a hassle and even on our heating bills. She ended up going to the doctor and found out that she did have a thyroid deficiency. Now she has to take special pills and vitamins so she doesn’t feel cold all of the time.

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I’m a very clean eater. I always try to eat organic foods when I can and all three of my daily meals are homemade. I like saving money and I like knowing exactly what I’m putting in my body. I’ve also found that I feel better when I eat home cooked meals  rather than going out to eat. The only thing is that my apartment doesn’t have central air so it gets really hot in there when the stove or oven is on. By the time I’m done slaving over my meal I feel like I need a shower before I can sit down and enjoy the fruits of my labor. To avoid this, I go out to eat more in the summer but that costs me so much money. My landlord is too cheap to install an air conditioning unit so I’ve tried using fans and opening windows and it is no help. I’ve been spending so much money on eating because I can’t stand cooking in this summer heat. I also feel myself getting fat from all the processed food I’m eating. I’ve called several HVAC specialists to try to figure something out and they all suggest window air-conditioning units. I’m very unlucky because my window is an irregular size so we can’t put an air-conditioner in there. I know that when it’s time to move out that it’s absolutely necessary that my next place has a huge kitchen and plenty of counter space, but more importantly I’ll need a good central air system so I can cook and enjoy my meals without sweating all over them.

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I live in one of the larger cities in the nation. This has it’s pros and cons. There’s plenty of interesting new places to eat at all the time but sometimes the crowds are rude and annoying. No one holds doors for each other and everything is very expensive. I honestly wish I lived in a smaller city, but there is a lot I love about my city. I love the amounts of concerts and cool events that my city holds, but you need to pick and choose which ones to attend. For example, I never go to outdoor concerts. It gets too hot here and I find that the show is much more enjoyable if there’s air conditioning. The air conditioning and the HVAC system keeps the performers and the spectators nice and comfortable and it definitely makes the concert more enjoyable. The same goes for art shows. Art shows are great because everything is very comfortable. The thermostat is always set at the perfect temperature so it’s the perfect event when it’s hot in the summer. Outdoor concerts are brutal because there’s no way you can enjoy yourself standing amongst a thousand other people and there’s no seats or HVAC systems. Our local philharmonic performs in a gorgeous concert hall. It’s exceptional because the HVAC system runs so well but there is no hum distracting you from the beautiful music the orchestra is making. Good air quality and an HVAC system really enhances everything for me.

central air 

My girlfriend and I decided it was time for us to move out of our respective parents homes. We loved the rent-free life and the refrigerator always being full of food, but we felt like we never had any privacy. I was delving deeper into my work and my girlfriend was taking her education very seriously so we decided it was time for us to have our own space. We learned a lot from this. We were responsible for paying our energy bills every month, but I don’t think either of us anticipated how much this was going to cost us. During our first summer month there, we let the air-conditioning roar all day every day. We never adjusted the thermostat, we just were enjoying the chilly house. We kept the thermostat the same when we were there, when we were sleeping, and even when we were at work. Our first month’s energy bill was through the roof. We decided it’d be wise to call an HVAC company to discuss this. The HVAC technician we spoke to over the phone advised us to always keep the thermostat within a few degrees of the outdoor temperature. This way, he ensured us, the air-conditioner or heater won’t be working too hard and it’ll help save money. He also informed us that leaving windows and doors open allowed the conditioned air to escape the house, thus decreasing the efficiency of our HVAC system. We made all the changes he recommended and the next month we saw a noticeable change in our energy bill.

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I’ve never really been very good with the ladies. Sometimes, when I’m talking to a pretty girl I’ll start to blush and seeing their reaction to it just makes me blush even more. For this reason, I always get really flustered when I ask girls to go on dates and I was sick of getting denied to I just gave up. Then, out of nowhere, I found myself talking to a gorgeous girl at one of the local bars and I asked her out on a date. She said she’d be happy to get dinner with me, so I took down her number and told her when and where the reservation will be. I really wanted to impress her so I took her to a fancy restaurant. When we got there, the hostess informed us that the HVAC system was broken and asked if it’d be a problem. Feeling the blushing coming on, I told her we didn’t mind and we were brought to our table. It was apparent that the restaurant’s lack of central air was going to be a huge issue. I was trying so hard to impress this girl and the broken HVAC system was determined to not let that happen. I could feel my clothes start to stick to me as the meal went on and I knew my appearance was deteriorating because it was so warm in there. We finished our meals and went to go get ice cream. I knew the ice cream parlor was going to have a functioning HVAC system so this was my last resort to try to impress her. By the end of our dessert, she was giggling at all my jokes and even asked me to take her out again! To think this almost didn’t happen all because of a restaurant’s broken HVAC system.

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The weather has been absolutely wild this week where I live. During the day, it’s been crazy nice out! I can not believe it, especially for this time of year. I am ecstatic and so are all of my friends. We have been hanging out outside doing all kinds of fun stuff. I have been able to walk to class instead of trudging through feet of snow to get there, which has been more awesome than I can ever tell you. This time of year we usually have snow and it is still freezing cold. However, maybe I just got lucky. This is my first year ever living off campus and it has been pretty mild, especially right now. We have been able to turn our heat completely off and be okay and not have our pipes freeze. It is weird though, it gets exceptionally cold here at night. Sometimes I am worried that perhaps our pipes will burst, and then we will have a serious problem. We only rent the house and we would never be able to afford to fix it, so we would just be totally screwed. But during the day it is so nice out that we do not need the heat and just forget to turn it back on at night! I know I should remind myself, but nothing has happened yet and it is just so nice to have cheap bills living off campus. Perhaps we will start turning on the heat at night time, but that is only an absolute last resort so that we can save money!

heating unit

One of my favorite things to do is go to the crawfish festival a few towns away from us. They have it every year at the beginning of summer and it is a great way to kick off the season of barbecues, fresh seafood, live music and bonfires! I love any type of music festival but the crawfish one is my favorite. There are a bunch of bands that perform throughout the day and you get to eat as much crawfish as humanly possible. There is beer and wine and all different types of activities and it really is just the nicest time, depending on the weather. I always wondered though how they got all of that crawfish here. I know it is locally caught but it is so fresh and I am always curious about how they keep it so fresh. I asked my boyfriend and he explained to me that all of the large trucks that haul the crawfish over here have massive refrigeration units and the crawfish can be stored inside of there. If one of those refrigeration units were to break, all the crawfish would spoil and it would cost them a lot of money! HVAC technicians help repair refrigeration units, such as those carrying the crawfish, and not just heaters and air conditioning home units. I never thought of all the commotion it would cause if one of those big trucks lost their air conditioning in the back. Hopefully they have spare trucks so they can transfer the goods from one to the other and not lose out on all that profit!  

Cooling systems

My cousin was having her high school graduation this weekend. It was at my aunt’s house in her backyard and she had no back up plan for if it rained. Of course, the morning of the graduation, thunderstorms were predicted for the afternoon and evening and my aunt began to freak out. It was about 80 degrees out and muggy and I was dreading going due to the weather prediction. My aunt luckily knew someone with a party catering business and they had an extra tent they let her borrow. We set it up and it covered a lot of ground but that still didn’t help the temperature. It was muggy and buggy and just plain miserable. My uncle had an idea to bring some fans outside and put them in each corner of the tent. This was a decent idea however it would cool off only a section of the party – what about everyone that wasn’t huddled in front of a fan? HVAC technicians need to make some sort of device for tents that go up top,where the roof of the tent is – this way it can blow down lightly on party guests and people don’t have to hover in front of the one or two fans there. Temperature is one of the most important factors for a good party and if it is too hot and people are uncomfortable, then they will leave much earlier than normal. Even bringing out a portable HVAC unit would have been a good idea to get some cold air under that tent.