I possibly have plenty of stories that I could truthfully tell about HVAC systems. The majority of them involve some horror stories that I hear other pilots tell about HVAC systems. I have heard how sometimes the HVAC systems on the plane will shut down. This is certainly extremely dangerous as a plane depends on its HVAC system while it truly is in flight. Without an HVAC system the plane is incredibly likely to crash. I have been very lucky with the HVAC system that is definitely built into my plane despite that fact and I have never ever come over a failure of my plane’s HVAC system. I have a feeling that provided I am in charge of my airplane then the on-board HVAC system is definitely not a problem for me. I do however have some problems with the cargo every so often. Most of the time I have just been hauling HVAC systems from one part of the country to another. Where I live we have most of the highest HVAC system manufacturing rates within the country so it’s actually very easy to pick-up cargo consisting of HVAC systems. This very specific type of work makes it so I can serve as an independent contractor, and my pay currently is tied with how many HVAC systems that I can manage to deliver. On a typical day I can fly around 30 HVAC systems up to 6 hours away. After six hours my plane would not be ready to have enough food to take me home, and the HVAC system cargo is overweight to go much further as compared to that.


I lived inside of a doublewide trailer when I was a kid. It was really, really ancient, and had its fair of quirks. My brothers used to joke that the walls were produced of sheetrock and cardboard. Our heating system was another odd part. We had a furnace which used to work as a normal central heating system. At some stage, though, it had malfunctioned, and my parents did not want to call out an HVAC repairman to do a full furnace repair. I think that the problem must have been with the ductwork because the furnace itself still worked. My parents’ compromise was to take the front piece off of the furnace, allowing it to blow hot air directly into the house, instead of through the vents. The furnace was set up in our kitchen, so that particular room stayed fairly warm, and then my dad basically bought space heaters for other rooms. Some of my most vivid memories of growing up were awakening on cold winter mornings together with eating my breakfast while sitting with my siblings when in front of that old furnace. I have no idea of if that was safe or not; most likely it probably has not been. It definitely was not efficient since hot air normally get past our little ring, meaning the rest of the kitchen and house did not necessarily get any warmth. For those of us sitting around it, though, it was the greatest thing ever! We would have sat around that thing every day if our parents would have let us.


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My father is very hard to get gifts for. Whether it be his birthday celebration, Christmas, or Father’s Day, he can never give me a list of things to get him. Consequently, I have to find stuff that I think he may like or get use because of. At first, I had a difficult time doing this. Sadly, there were many times where I messed up and got him something that never left the box. But after a while I have mastered this process. This year for Father’s Day, I was already prepared with my gift. I knew that my dad did not get his central air conditioner looked at earlier this year. I was honestly surprised that his air conditioner was still working without any subsequent problems. I decided that I could book a maintenance appointment with his local HVAC technician. This way, my dad would be guaranteed to possess a working air conditioner for the entire summertime. When I presented him with the maintenance appointment voucher, he was so surprised. He was also a bit embarrassed that he had forgotten to set an appointment on his own. I knew that he had a lot going on and has become a bit forgetful when it comes to the various appointments that he has to make for home appliances and his health. Now while I could truthfully not book his doctor’s or dentist’s appointments, I could make sure to always make certain that his air conditioning equipment was functioning properly and carefully looked over by trained HVAC technicians.

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I finally got to realize one of my childhood dreams this weekend by using a dinosaur museum. It has been fascinating, even now as an adult, but in ways other than I expected being a kid. Seeing the bones of the dinosaurs in person was the most interesting part of it all for me. The bone colors, the size of the beings, and knowing that they were alive so long ago was really intriguing for me. They take many measures for a museum to keep most of the pieces intact of the fossils, bones and artifacts. The biggest item they do for preservation is usually keep every room cold. The air conditioning in the largest room of the museum where the biggest dinosaurs were was the worst room to be in. The cooling air flew into each corner of the room and cause me to freeze. I know they have to remain intact, but even the rooms with the glass cover of items still had a powerful air conditioning system to keep the application cold enough. I’m happy I brought a jacket since temperature didn’t take my focus faraway from the trip. It was really odd because the rooms had been white, too, so it made the air from the air conditioning much colder and also made the places themselves look much more substantial. I felt out of place investigating the dinosaurs. As I was leaving the museum, the lobby was heaped with people getting souvenirs from the trip and checking into the museum. They had the air conditioning system working after a while in that big room because of the heat that the people were creating.

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My knowledge about house hunting, until a few months ago, came solely from HGTV episodes shown. When it came time to for my husband and I to buy our own property, I was convinced I has been well-prepared. We both knew we wanted to buy an older house and now have it renovated. We both truly liked older architecture, and I really wanted to customize my house a little. We knew we wanted a residence with wooden flooring, an open concept floor plan, and big closets. I also wanted an open fireplace. We found our ideal house earlier, and were able to ensure it is for the right amount. It was subsequently older, so it needed a great deal of work, but we were excited to get to work. According to the building contractor, it needed new flooring, some minor repairs on the plumbing system, and an updated HVAC system considering that heating and cooling were definitely not up to par. We also wanted to put in some new cabinets in the kitchen and repaint all the place. Most of the repairs actually failed to take long, and ended up fairly exciting. Replacing the HVAC system, then again, was definitely not. We to call in an HVAC technician since neither of united states were skilled enough to undertake it. Then we had to call several HVAC suppliers to find the right one, then get the application installed. There is nothing appealing about seeing new ductwork put in place or watching new thermostats getting installed. It is going to pay off, though, when it is eventually installed, and we have good heating and cooling within our house.

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I like to travel as often as I can. It’s expensive, definitely, but if you’re willing to travel cheap, it’s a manageable cost. I typically stick to buses and trains, no matter how many delays I have to sit through. The only thing I hate about travelling like this is how packed it tends to be. I hate being confined in tight spaces, and buses and trains are nothing but tight spaces, filled with dozens of other people who have to try and fit around each other. The bus tends to be a smelly and hot alternative to driving or taking a plane, and sometimes I do regret taking the cheap option. Opening a window doesn’t really compare to turning on the air conditioning in your car, and a lot of times, the windows are broken and don’t open. I wish that someone would take the initiative to retrofit commercial buses with better HVAC systems. It would make riding long distances so much more enjoyable to know that you can ride in comfort, instead of feeling like you’re trapped in a bus-sized furnace with no air conditioning. Climate control on buses just seems like the next logical step to me, even if it does mean the price of tickets goes up a little bit. There has to be an HVAC engineer somewhere who’s willing to take this task on. I know that if I had the know-how, I’d be working away at this myself. Bus companies should definitely look into making their rides more suitable for their passengers.

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In the northern states, hotels usually have pool indoors. The temperature fluctuates too much for them to have a pool outdoors- it would either render the pool useless for more than half the year or cost to much to upkeep the conditions of the pool. So, most places just have an extension of their lobby that houses a heated pool. The pool area is almost always completely tile and glass with little to no outside ventilation. This way, when they hotel runs the pool heating system, they aren’t wasting heat that comes off the water by letting it leave the pool area. Hotels with pools in the north have higher attendance than those without, since pools are a rare commodity in colder climates. Not every hotel can afford an indoor pool however, since they are expensive to upkeep. Heating the pool costs enough, but keeping the rooms and halls surrounding the pool area cool and mold free is even more expensive. Most people don’t think about it, but these hotels have to have huge HVAC systems with dehumidifying that keep the moisture and heat from the pool in check. Similar to how the air conditioners have to run constantly in the summer, during the winter, the hotel still has to keep the rooms and buildings nice and warm for the guests. This means their furnace is working overtime to still remove humidity from the air. Their units are incredibly energy efficient to avoid wasting money on electricity, and the hotels usually have good relationships with local heating and cooling companies so that they can keep their units checked-up and on a maintenance schedule. Lots of work goes into maintaining a nice indoor pool.

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Since one of my best friends is getting married in a few months and I am her maid of honor, I had to go get a dress. A couple weeks ago, I made some plans to go shopping for my dress. I already had a nice dress in mind from a bridal store, so I just had to go there and try it out on. When I left the house, it looked like it was about to storm, but I figured that I could get to the store and try on my dress before the rain came down. Sad to say, halfway through my drive, very dark clouds started rolling in and suddenly thunder was booming. The rain came down so hard that all of the drivers on the interstate could not see the road that was right in front of them. Everyone was barely moving at a speed of fifteen miles per hour or less as we just tried to safely reach our destinations. The temperature outside quickly dropped down ten degrees due to the rain. My car got cool and instead of using the air conditioner like usual, I had to turn on the heat to make sure I was warm. I never did get to the bridal store because the streets nearby it were inundated with rainwater. I had to go to the mall, which was not even my original plan. I parked and ran in the cold rain to get inside the mall. I was hit with a chill from the air conditioning as soon as I stepped indoors. I shopped while waiting for the rain to disappear and found a perfect dress, so things just worked out well.

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When I was little, my family lived just minutes from the water, so usually we were there, splashing around in the surf. Weekend plans were not a question since everyone was doing the same thing and going to the water. My neighbor was my closest friend growing up. We did everything together – rode our bikes, played some games, ate lunch, and generally spent every day together whenever we had no school. I was invited once on a trip with her family and their friends. They were all going on a boat, staying at a stilt house for two days. It was a wooden property built on tall stilts a few miles away from the shore and could only be accessed by boat. When we actually got there, I was just in awe. The house was high u on stilts in the water with a massive dock that let us to see out for miles across the surrounding water. We saw fish, turtles, and even a few dolphins. It was such an amazing place. There was one downside, though, which was that there was no electricity out there, and that meant no air conditioning. We spent hours on the boat, swimming, and tanning in chairs out on the dock. At night, we wanted to sit in the refreshingly cool air, but without any electricity and no cooling system installed, we were unable to do that. But to get some type of air in the house, they left the wood windows and wood doors wide open to let in the salty air. It was still hot, but nice. One day, I would be more than happy to go back.

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My girlfriend and I were recently trouble for our neighbors. They were repairing their home and the debris kept dropping on our cars. I have been throwing the debris and denting their entry way. Then we upgraded from screaming at each other to making threats. It was such a bad situation that we had to move. Since that it was short notice we took the primary apartment we got. The new apartment is quite good and it comes with HVAC. Our old apartment did not have any type of heat. We were too cheap to fund heating. We would put plastic in the windows and use quite a few space heaters. In the summertime we used window air conditioning devices. We had free electric, so our heating and cooling versions were plugged in and working consistently. Our new place has heating and additionally cooling. We actually now possess a central HVAC unit. I am so excited to really have heating for our apartment. I now am wondering what I ought to do with all my space heaters. Do I throw these away or save them? Who knows where I find myself next. The air conditioning in the summer will be especially nice as well. The cold air will heat up the rooms in our new space. We no much longer have free electric, but the heating and cooling was a good new perk. It will make our move a nice one. The actual apartment is much smaller, but I feel we are making out with our utilities.

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