My dad recently moved in with me because of his divorce. My father and I are quite weird together. We both usually are recently divorced, mad about being single and living together. I saw it my home that it was set up for one lonely man, now we tend to be two bachelors. Living back with my dad is not too bad with the exception of his weird quirks. He eats basically meat and potatoes every evening but is helpless on getting them. I am a vegetarian in addition to I find his food disgusting. I also exercise everyday by running on the treadmill. My father complains my running wakes him up coming from his sleeping until noon. The most significant adjustment was my father’s cooling system. My dad apparently carries a lot of meat, a lot of sleeping and a huge air conditioner. His air conditioner is about the length of a mini van. It is huge and I needed to call my younger brother Max to partner move it. We had to lug this huge cooling unit up a flight of a stairway, around a tight corner and wedge it within a too small window. The unit is hideous too inside my home. It is a significant, black box that takes up most of the room. My father also requires the cooling unit to be on the whole day. My house is freezing now plus it’s wasting electric. Even if my dad is not home I don’t dare turn it off. He literally can feel it inside the temperature if I turn it off for a few minutes.

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From the time that I was a little girl my goal was to get a furnace with a fireplace. For several reasons, fireplaces fascinate me. I am not sure whether it is the look of the fire, or the immense heat that pours off of the fire itself. But I have always wanted a fireplace. So when I looked for my cutting edge home. I knew that I required a fireplace. I was just out from school, and I had merely got my first big take-home paycheck. I knew that I had been putting it towards a downpayment on my first house. I hired a realtor in the city, and she helped me discover the perfect place. The house definitely had two fireplaces. Now I could switch between living rooms without having to worry about missing my fireplace. The fireplaces were both propane gas. They were super easy to operate and the warmth just poured off of them. The furnace that I had produced in my house did not make the spot seem as warm or give off the right amount of light. Having amazing fireplaces like that made every part of living in that house amazing. From having parties to family gatherings, and even getting together with my children, the fireplaces brought a sort of comfort to my home. It was a sort of comfort that a furnace just cannot bring. From now on when I get hold of a house I will make certain they have a fireplace inside them, or I will have a fireplace furnace installed. I absolutely love that heating system.

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I do not like the cold weather and snow. And it can get cold in this bit of town, even though I am now within the deep south. Snow is uncommon, but occasionally happens. What the locals use for HVAC is not great. Natives here use gas heating units. Gas heaters unnerve me, to say the least. I remember the first time I lit a gas unit, I called my mother first to get instructions on how to light a pilot light. I was so sure I would definitely blow myself up! It was a little gas heater in our master bedroom. One day, my husband left for work while I was sleeping. The gas heater near to the bed was in poor condition and the breeze from the entranceway must have blown the fire out. My husband didn’t see the issue. I had just gotten stopped from working the overnight shift and slept part of the day, while gas leaked into the bedroom from the heater which had blown out. That ended up being my first two experiences with gas heaters.

My experiences with non-central heaters haven’t gotten a lot better. We tried space heaters for a short time. Up went the energy statement. The small heaters with the safety features didn’t put out enough heat and the big ones got too hot and I worried about children, pets, and fires. My poor cat singed his tail on a coil heater. The safety space heaters also don’t last long in this household. Finally, we traded our window air conditioning units with those heaters, because gas heaters will usually scare me and space heaters just don’t work efficiently for us..

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My friends and I decided to take a two week cruise together. We booked two sets of connecting rooms and looked forward to our vacation with high anticipation. For months, we researched the many things available to do on the ship and at the various ports. The day we were leaving, my friend reminded me to turn up the thermostat on my HVAC system so it would not run as much while we were gone. We arrived at the cruise terminal and boarded the ship. We discussed where we wanted to go for lunch. We decided to go to the buffet, so we took a nearby elevator to the 11th floor. After lunch, we went to our rooms on the 7th floor. When we entered our rooms, one was too cold, one was too hot, and the other two were a comfortable temperature. We were excited to see that each room had its own thermostat to set our own climate control. I set the thermostat to my room at 70 degrees and my friends and I left to explore the ship. We went swimming at the pool and visited the arcade before returning to our rooms to prepare for dinner. The air conditioning in my room felt great after getting slightly sunburned at the pool. One of my friends, however, was having a problem setting his climate control. We went to the front desk to request for them to fix it. We went to dinner and decided to go hear the comic instead of seeing a theater show. When we returned to our rooms, my friend’s thermostat had been repaired. We went on to have an exciting two weeks of vacation and I think we will all cruise together again in the future.A:C tune-up

Everyone, especially parents, are becoming more and more concerned about the effects of poor indoor air quality. We keep hearing a great deal more about childhood allergies, and it seems that more and more children are suffering from asthma. We are becoming more aware of the effect of indoor air quality on our health. The need for quality air purification has increased drastically over the past ten years. Whole house air purification systems are becoming increasingly more popular and can be added onto almost any HVAC system. For children and adults alike, who suffer from allergies or asthma and need to reduce pollen, animal dander, dust, debris and other harmful pollutants in the air throughout their home, a whole-house air purifier is the best solution. Whole house air purification virtually eliminates toxins and particulates by as much as one hundred times more effectively than conventional HVAC filter systems. Another benefit of a whole house air purifier is the elimination of any fan noise that is usually associated with portable units. In addition, they require little maintenance, as the average life of the filter is 3 to 5 years. A whole house air purifier is a powerful tool to combat poor air quality, giving you a more comfortable and healthier indoor environment throughout your entire home. Your family will breathe easier, and suffer from less illness once they are breathing clean air. Breathing good quality air is as important to your family’s health as what they eat and how much they exercise. It is a worthwhile investment in your family’s overall well-being.


When I was a child I attended an annual summer camp sponsored by my church. I remember always looking forward to it. Even though it was only 15 minutes away it felt like an entirely new state. No parents and no kids from school, at least for the most part. This camp was actually populated by children from similar churches throughout the southern portion of the state I grew up in. Random groups of kids would be assigned to bunkhouses. We would spend our days working on crafts, swimming, playing games, and of course church themed lessons. One thing we would not partake in was air conditioning. These bunkhouses barely had toilets, so they certainly were not modern enough to be equipped with any kind of central heat or air conditioning. I remember always going to sleep at night feeling sticky. With no AC to battle the humidity we just had to try not to move around much. This was the only camp I’d ever been to, and as a young child I don’t remember being too concerned with whether or not there was air conditioning. As an adult I can say that it would most certainly be among the list of concerns. Perhaps as children, we are not as susceptible to the dangers of heat stroke as opposed to adults. I’m not complaining though, I had a great amount of fun and have many good memories from my time at camp. I suppose air conditioning and climate control have little place in the fun a child tends to create.

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The master bedroom in my house was once a sun porch.  We tore down the walls, added insulation, and replaced the windows.  We hired an electrician to install lights and outlets, and an HVAC technician to install a ductless heating and cooling equipment.  I bought brand new bedroom furniture, bedding, and installed carpeting.  I was very happy with the finished project, and figured I was all set.  The first time it rained, I was no longer satisfied with my new bedroom.  I woke up from a sound sleep because of water dripping onto my face.  I got out of bed to get a towel, and stepped onto a sopping wet carpet.  There was probably a dozen leaks in my bedroom, all dripping consistently.  I had to grab pots and pans from the kitchen to catch the water.  The next morning, I found the phone number for a local roofing contractor and begged him to come to the house right away.  The guy inspected my roof and said that there was damage caused by snow and ice during the winter.  He said that because there was so many layers of shingles built up, he would need to tear the old roof completely off.  Thank goodness the roof over that old sun porch is fairly small, because it was an expensive project.  The old shingles created a mess in my lawn that needed to be cleaned up.  All of the flowers in my garden around the exterior of the bedroom got trampled by the workmen.  I was very thankful when the project was completed.

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A lot of people don’t realize that there are other ways to live besides the way you grew up. I come from a very strict, white-collar household where order was everything. My mother was a control freak in the strongest sense of the word. She liked to control what we ate, what we wore, the exact placement of every decoration in our home–she even regulated our air conditioning and furnace with ridiculous specificity. If anyone turned the thermostat up or down, she would know immediately, and would go to fix it. Once I moved away to college, I really started to embrace different lifestyles. For the past five years, I’ve lived in a communal living environment. It’s self-sustaining, which is amazing considering how much work goes into planning something like that. One of the few downsides is that there’s no electricity to be found. We’ve all just learned how to regulate temperature in other ways. We have no noisy furnaces, no impersonally cold air from air conditioners, and best of all, no neurotic managing of climate control. It’s kind of nice to just separate from the normal world and not have to worry about heating and cooling in the modern sense of the term. The lady who started the commune has a lot of opinions about controlling your body temperature via meditation, but I’m not sure how much of that I buy into. I just like the absence of HVAC-related stress. Maybe someday I’ll move back into a normal house with normal heating and cooling equipment, but for now I like the freedom.

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My son loves science fiction. Movies, books, TV shows–you name it, he’s probably seen it at least once. His mother and I have always tried to foster whatever interests our children have, so more often than not we find ourselves sitting through his new favorite movie with him, no matter if we want to watch it or not. I even ended up reading him half of H.G. Wells’ works when he was a kid, just to make him go to bed on time. As he grew up, we started taking him to occasional sci-fi conventions, book signings and such. The biggest one we went to was in the capitol city a few years ago, and as much as it was fun, it was an absolute disaster. My son dressed up as an alien from his favorite book series, so we had to use body paint on his arms and face. It was so hot in the convention center that he started to sweat the paint off. All the other people at the convention looked miserable as well. I spoke to someone at the information desk and was informed that the center’s air conditioning had blown that morning after record highs. The entire center’s ducts had heated up in the sun as well, so hot air was coming out of all of the HVAC vents. I thought I was going to lose my mind after a few hours in that kind of heat. It didn’t help that most of the center had glass ceilings and walls, making the whole place something like a greenhouse. It got so hot in there that we couldn’t even wait until an HVAC technician came to fix the problem; my son and I ended up leaving and going home to sit in front of our own air conditioning unit.

I have waited for nearly forty years for ACDC to come in concert.  I’ve been listening to them since I was sixteen years old, and I’ve always wanted to see them live.  When I heard on the radio that they were touring in my area, I couldn’t wait to buy tickets.  I didn’t pay any attention to the price of the tickets or the date of the show.  I purchased two tickets, one for me, and one for my husband.  My husband pointed out that the concert was scheduled for the end of March. He was definitely a little concerned.  In March, the weather in my area could be absolutely anything.  We might get perfectly mild temperatures, blue skies, and sunshine.  We might get so much rain that there’s flooding.  We’ve already had severe winter blizzard conditions in March.  This would make the drive to the venue rather hazardous.  We have an hour’s drive to get there.  At least the concert is being held indoors, so I would assume there’s an HVAC system that can handle anything.  If we end up with winter weather, we’ll be forced to wear heavy coats, sweaters, and boots. Once we get inside, I imagine the heating system would be running at maximum capacity.  I don’t mind the heat when I am cold but I am not excited about watching a concert in stuffy heater environment. We’d then end up carrying our coats around with us the whole time in the heated area.  I’m not sure that severe heat would be any better.  There’s going to be thousands of sweaty people all packed into the venue and an HVAC system that is running on full speed.  I am doubtful that any type of air conditioner could combat those conditions.HVAC repair