Summer is when most people try to stay cool by keeping their air conditioning units on all the time, but with the cost of air conditioning these days that’s not the best idea. There are a few workarounds to keep cool without running your HVAC unit all day and saving some money in the process. The first is not setting the temperature so low, even though it’s tempting to lower the air on the thermostat. Keep the temperature on the thermostat as warm as you can stand, so you avoid running the air conditioner as much as possible. Turning blinds down helps keep the sun out and should make things cooler without resorting to air conditioning, and you can also close curtains for cooling things down even further. Fans can also be used to cool down the temperature, and they use less power than an air conditioning unit. Consider using a dehumidifier along with fans for serious temperature control without air conditioning. You should also maintain the ducts and make sure there are no leaks as well as changing the air filter when it gets dirty, that will cut down on costs and sustain your air conditioning unit in the long term. Also reduce the amount of air conditioning going on while you’re away, as the cost of running air adds up over time. This forces the AC unit to work harder, using up more energy. You may look into programmable, smart thermostats that’s heating and cooling on a schedule. This can eliminate a lot of the guesswork in dealing with the thermostat and air conditioning throughout the hot days. The keyword though is balance, as you don’t want to run your air conditioner all day but you don’t want your home to feel like a sweltering furnace either.HVAC repair service

My fiancé and I love to camp! Whenever we go on vacation, we try to sneak in at least one day of camping. Not only is it much cheaper than a hotel, but also we have some of the best memories from our camping trips. We recently spent an entire week camping in the desert, and it was definitely a struggle. When you’re in the desert during the summertime, the temperatures vary by the time of day. We spent our mornings and afternoons enduring crispy 110-degree weather, wishing for air condition or a slight breeze. We couldn’t get enough air, making it impossible to cool down. We never had to worry about setting an alarm for the mornings, because as soon as the sun came up, the temperature would skyrocket. You can’t spend much time in a tent when it’s above 90 degrees. Even though the temperature could reach insane heights during the day, it would immediately drop as soon as the sunset. It could drop by 20 degrees within minutes. Our nights in the tent were spent bundled up in our sleeping bags desperate for a little bit of heat. We really learned to appreciate our HVAC systems during this trip. We couldn’t believe the diversity of the temperature! This was something we didn’t consider when packing our bags. My fiancé and I prepared for scorching hot days and spent our days wishing for an air conditioner, and our nights wishing for a portable furnace. The lack of an HVAC system is the only fault we have in our camping trips, which won’t hold us back from.

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When I was younger I thoroughly enjoyed traveling to different parts of the country, experiencing all that these unique states had to offer.  I have lived in the northeast for most of my life so I used to the seasons changing, relying heavily on heating in the winter and air conditioning in the summer.  I am not a person who enjoys the heat for very long, so when I was traveling through the southwest parts of the country I realized that air conditioning was essential to living comfortably in these areas.  I am sure everyone who lives in that part of the country will agree, having a properly functioning HVAC unit is essential to living a happy and comfortable life.  Having spent some time on the west coast as well, air conditioning just helps make day to day activities more bearable.  Just about every business you walk into is cool and running an air conditioner, that says a lot about the heat and how crucial it is for patrons to be comfortable.  I have traveled to many states throughout the north as well and heating is a necessity no one up that way wants to live without.  HVAC businesses and providers flourish because people are always in need of heating repairs and installations in preparation for the winter months.  The key to surviving the cool months is having an efficient heating system.  Every business, every household knows the importance of being safe and comfortable.  Whether it’s summer in the west or winter in the east, having the proper HVAC units is necessity we depend on every day to make easier and all around more bearable.air conditioning products

I’ve been fortunate to live many places.  Currently, my abode exists in the southeastern part of the United States.  People move to my area in droves on a yearly basis.  They are attracted to the allure of living in sunny climate for most of the year.  There is the disadvantage of not experiencing four seasons.  A friend of mine once joked that we get two seasons:  hot and hotter.  Another friend encounters completely different weather patterns up north.  She delights that her area gets all four seasons.  Oddly, her tune changes when winter comes around!  One thing is clear no matter where someone calls home.  There’s going to be a need for heating and cooling. In my area, I use my air conditioner about seven months out of the year.  I rarely turn on the heat because winters are so mild.  My HVAC system gets a break around this time.  My utility bills get much lower as well.  Unfortunately, I say goodbye to cheaper utility costs starting in April.  That’s when I start using my air conditioner again.  The heat becomes increasingly relentless and reaches its maximum peak between June and August.  It enters my home through the roof, walls, and windows.  This is a time when a working air conditioner is absolutely necessary.   My friend up north feels the same way about the necessity of a dependable furnace.   In comparison, she relies heavily on her heating system and sees the highest utility bills during winter.   It is usually cold about 6 months out of the year.  When summer rolls around, she can get by opening windows and using ceiling fans.  It’s hard to say which of us has it better as far as energy costs.  I won’t be leaving my sunny climate, however, to find out.

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I work construction for a buddy of mine. Its great being one of the bosses best friends. I love working outside and getting to work with my hands. My job keeps me in shape and it pays well also. The only complaint I have is during the middle of summer it just gets too hot. This summer the temperature was even hotter than any other years. It got so bad that we had a few guys pass out from heat exhaustion. I was one of those guys who had passed out from the heat. I decided to talk to my buddy about some kind of way to beat the heat. Since he was the boss, he had a trailer that he kept on site. We came up with the idea to outfit it with some air conditioning. During lunch breaks we would all crowd into the trailer and relax in the air conditioning. While other jobs had cigarette breaks, we would take air conditioning breaks. Every few hours a few of us would take turns sitting in the trailer for about fifteen minutes and relaxing in the air conditioning. This method of taking air conditioning breaks made it safe for us to continue working in the heat and we only had a couple more times where guys passed out from heat exhaustion. It was very rare so apparently this system of air conditioned breaks was necessary and we even continued this practice into the future with good results. My buddy even gave me a bonus for solving the company problem of people passing out with my air conditioning idea.

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I have a passion that I have been able to turn into a career. I love taking photos and it turns out I am pretty good at it. It’s great getting to turn your passion into a career and living well based on your passion. I have had my photographs used in magazines, brochures and in the news. I have learned how to sell myself and get people to purchase my photographs. Currently I am working on landscapes and have enjoyed driving all over the country, taking photos of everything and cataloging them for future sale. It’s great not having to answer to anyone while I’m out on the road and I get to see all sorts of different environments and landscapes. The weather fluctuates all over the country and when I can, I stay within my car to take pictures of landscapes I see. When it’s hot, I run the air conditioner strong so I can have the window down while I’m taking pictures. When it’s cold, just the opposite. I make sure the heater is pumping strong to combat the cold coming in from the open window. My heating and cooling is so necessary to my work that I have mechanics look over my HVAC system with every oil change to make sure that it won’t quit on me. There are obviously times that I have to brave the elements and wander out of the comforts of my vehicle. At least when I do I know that I have my HVAC systems waiting for me back in my car when I’m ready for them.

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Did you know that your air can have a lot of things in it? Nobody thinks about the air they breathe in. We all assume our air must be good to go. Most of the time the air has dust in it. This is because we own HVAC units that are dusty. A heating and cooling system usually has an air or furnace filter. A gas, electric and oil furnace uses a filter. An air conditioner and heat pump also has an air filter. These filters catch dust from entering the system, but the filter doesn’t catch everything. Then the dust spreads in the unit, which then blasts the dusty air in your home. Lots of homes have outdoor ventilation. Grass, twigs and small animals can get in your vents. Then the air travels through the vents, picks up on the debris and damages your air quality. The air is dusty and it is additionally dirty. Without proper heating maintenance and gas furnace will leak carbon monoxide. So now you have air that is polluting the home and making you sick. What about moisture in the air. Did you know too much or too little moisture is harmful? Excessive humidity will cause cockroaches, centipedes and mold to come into your home. Not enough moisture will dry out the air and ruin your skin. You can get a dehumidifier or a humidifier for the home. You just need to be careful when you take into consideration humidity. Your air quality needs to be taken into consideration yourself. Think about air purification systems for your HVAC unit.

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I have the opportunity to work with many of the younger kids in my community by being involved in the Cub Scout program.  It is a free and voluntary program and gives me and other adults the chance to be able to teach these young boys important life lessons and skills that can potentially aid them greatly in the journey through life.  Scout camp is a week long event that takes place during the summer time and it is where we do special activities to help the kids learn and grow together.  It is always a really good time.  Since it takes place during the summer the sun is usually out in all its power and glory bearing down upon us.  It gets so hot and that is why it is nice to be able to hold the event at our local community center.  The center has a central air conditioning unit that keeps the whole building cool.  The thermostat is easy to access and use and we have permission to keep it as cool as we need to while we are inside.  Having the building cool down is a blessing and helps us to escape the heat that is outside.  The plus side of it as well is that the building is owned by the city and they have plenty of HVAC technicians and specialists that are able to come over and help fix the air conditioner if it were to break for whatever reason.  This fortunately has not happened yet and I pray that it never does.  As long as we have the building to go into I wouldn’t mind doing scout camp for a long time to come.

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I still live at home with my parents and I am twenty two. I am one of those baby birds that just won’t fly away. I feel I am smarter than most people my age. Instead of paying for rent, water, heating and cooling, I just sponge off my parents. My mother makes my meals and my dad fixes my car. It really is a sweet setup. They are clean, handy and friendly roommates. I know I can live easily with them and it is cost effective. Sometimes I do feel like a little kid though. I basically can’t do anything on my own. When the gas furnace would not turn on, I called my dad. He took off from work to look at the heater. When he couldn’t fix it, the HVAC professional took a look at it. Then the issue was resolved. In the summer we do not have air conditioning. All my family uses is box fans and window fans. My mother brings them down from the attic every year. She cleans my cooling system and sets it up for me. My brother recently bought my mother an air conditioner. It is amazing and it works really well. She has a wireless thermostat and adaptable speed technology. Her bedroom is always the perfect temperature. An adult would probably buy their own air conditioner. But I am me, so what I do is crawl into bed with her. On really hot nights I just squirrel my way into my mom’s room and enjoy her air conditioning system. Costs me no money and I still get the comfort.

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Family reunions are the best form of torture. Next time we catch a terrorist we should forget about waterboarding and making them go without food. We should just send them to a family reunion. It is amazing how few of people you actually know at a family reunion. I basically only know they people I arrive with. Then I am stuck with a  bunch of unfamiliar people at a distant relative’s home. I never know whose house I am actually at. The reunion always takes place is someone’s backyard on the hottest day in July. Everyone is sweating to death and pretending to know one another. I hate doing all that mingling and sweating. I usually hide the entire reunion. A good place to hide is in the house. Nobody feels comfortable walking through a stranger’s house. The people who live there are entertaining, so they aren’t in there either. That is why I feel gutsy enough to walk around in someone else’s home. I always pretend I have to use the bathroom or grab more chairs. Basically what I am doing is looking for air conditioning. I find a secluded, air conditioned, and temperature controlled room to sit down in. then I hide in the cooling intensive room for as long as I can. Nobody usually notices I am gone. I kill a few hours in A/C comfort and then I wander back outside. I then find my actual family and we leave the reunion. It is one torturous, awkward and sweaty day. Anyone would give up information to get out of that torture.

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