I’ve been fortunate to live many places.  Currently, my abode exists in the southeastern part of the United States.  People move to my area in droves on a yearly basis.  They are attracted to the allure of living in sunny climate for most of the year.  There is the disadvantage of not experiencing four seasons.  A friend of mine once joked that we get two seasons:  hot and hotter.  Another friend encounters completely different weather patterns up north.  She delights that her area gets all four seasons.  Oddly, her tune changes when winter comes around!  One thing is clear no matter where someone calls home.  There’s going to be a need for heating and cooling. In my area, I use my air conditioner about seven months out of the year.  I rarely turn on the heat because winters are so mild.  My HVAC system gets a break around this time.  My utility bills get much lower as well.  Unfortunately, I say goodbye to cheaper utility costs starting in April.  That’s when I start using my air conditioner again.  The heat becomes increasingly relentless and reaches its maximum peak between June and August.  It enters my home through the roof, walls, and windows.  This is a time when a working air conditioner is absolutely necessary.   My friend up north feels the same way about the necessity of a dependable furnace.   In comparison, she relies heavily on her heating system and sees the highest utility bills during winter.   It is usually cold about 6 months out of the year.  When summer rolls around, she can get by opening windows and using ceiling fans.  It’s hard to say which of us has it better as far as energy costs.  I won’t be leaving my sunny climate, however, to find out.

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