I have the opportunity to work with many of the younger kids in my community by being involved in the Cub Scout program.  It is a free and voluntary program and gives me and other adults the chance to be able to teach these young boys important life lessons and skills that can potentially aid them greatly in the journey through life.  Scout camp is a week long event that takes place during the summer time and it is where we do special activities to help the kids learn and grow together.  It is always a really good time.  Since it takes place during the summer the sun is usually out in all its power and glory bearing down upon us.  It gets so hot and that is why it is nice to be able to hold the event at our local community center.  The center has a central air conditioning unit that keeps the whole building cool.  The thermostat is easy to access and use and we have permission to keep it as cool as we need to while we are inside.  Having the building cool down is a blessing and helps us to escape the heat that is outside.  The plus side of it as well is that the building is owned by the city and they have plenty of HVAC technicians and specialists that are able to come over and help fix the air conditioner if it were to break for whatever reason.  This fortunately has not happened yet and I pray that it never does.  As long as we have the building to go into I wouldn’t mind doing scout camp for a long time to come.

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