I work construction for a buddy of mine. Its great being one of the bosses best friends. I love working outside and getting to work with my hands. My job keeps me in shape and it pays well also. The only complaint I have is during the middle of summer it just gets too hot. This summer the temperature was even hotter than any other years. It got so bad that we had a few guys pass out from heat exhaustion. I was one of those guys who had passed out from the heat. I decided to talk to my buddy about some kind of way to beat the heat. Since he was the boss, he had a trailer that he kept on site. We came up with the idea to outfit it with some air conditioning. During lunch breaks we would all crowd into the trailer and relax in the air conditioning. While other jobs had cigarette breaks, we would take air conditioning breaks. Every few hours a few of us would take turns sitting in the trailer for about fifteen minutes and relaxing in the air conditioning. This method of taking air conditioning breaks made it safe for us to continue working in the heat and we only had a couple more times where guys passed out from heat exhaustion. It was very rare so apparently this system of air conditioned breaks was necessary and we even continued this practice into the future with good results. My buddy even gave me a bonus for solving the company problem of people passing out with my air conditioning idea.

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