My fiancé and I love to camp! Whenever we go on vacation, we try to sneak in at least one day of camping. Not only is it much cheaper than a hotel, but also we have some of the best memories from our camping trips. We recently spent an entire week camping in the desert, and it was definitely a struggle. When you’re in the desert during the summertime, the temperatures vary by the time of day. We spent our mornings and afternoons enduring crispy 110-degree weather, wishing for air condition or a slight breeze. We couldn’t get enough air, making it impossible to cool down. We never had to worry about setting an alarm for the mornings, because as soon as the sun came up, the temperature would skyrocket. You can’t spend much time in a tent when it’s above 90 degrees. Even though the temperature could reach insane heights during the day, it would immediately drop as soon as the sunset. It could drop by 20 degrees within minutes. Our nights in the tent were spent bundled up in our sleeping bags desperate for a little bit of heat. We really learned to appreciate our HVAC systems during this trip. We couldn’t believe the diversity of the temperature! This was something we didn’t consider when packing our bags. My fiancé and I prepared for scorching hot days and spent our days wishing for an air conditioner, and our nights wishing for a portable furnace. The lack of an HVAC system is the only fault we have in our camping trips, which won’t hold us back from.

new thermostat 

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