¬†¬†Summer is when most people try to stay cool by keeping their air conditioning units on all the time, but with the cost of air conditioning these days that’s not the best idea. There are a few workarounds to keep cool without running your HVAC unit all day and saving some money in the process. The first is not setting the temperature so low, even though it’s tempting to lower the air on the thermostat. Keep the temperature on the thermostat as warm as you can stand, so you avoid running the air conditioner as much as possible. Turning blinds down helps keep the sun out and should make things cooler without resorting to air conditioning, and you can also close curtains for cooling things down even further. Fans can also be used to cool down the temperature, and they use less power than an air conditioning unit. Consider using a dehumidifier along with fans for serious temperature control without air conditioning. You should also maintain the ducts and make sure there are no leaks as well as changing the air filter when it gets dirty, that will cut down on costs and sustain your air conditioning unit in the long term. Also reduce the amount of air conditioning going on while you’re away, as the cost of running air adds up over time. This forces the AC unit to work harder, using up more energy. You may look into programmable, smart thermostats that’s heating and cooling on a schedule. This can eliminate a lot of the guesswork in dealing with the thermostat and air conditioning throughout the hot days. The keyword though is balance, as you don’t want to run your air conditioner all day but you don’t want your home to feel like a sweltering furnace either.HVAC repair service

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