I have a passion that I have been able to turn into a career. I love taking photos and it turns out I am pretty good at it. It’s great getting to turn your passion into a career and living well based on your passion. I have had my photographs used in magazines, brochures and in the news. I have learned how to sell myself and get people to purchase my photographs. Currently I am working on landscapes and have enjoyed driving all over the country, taking photos of everything and cataloging them for future sale. It’s great not having to answer to anyone while I’m out on the road and I get to see all sorts of different environments and landscapes. The weather fluctuates all over the country and when I can, I stay within my car to take pictures of landscapes I see. When it’s hot, I run the air conditioner strong so I can have the window down while I’m taking pictures. When it’s cold, just the opposite. I make sure the heater is pumping strong to combat the cold coming in from the open window. My heating and cooling is so necessary to my work that I have mechanics look over my HVAC system with every oil change to make sure that it won’t quit on me. There are obviously times that I have to brave the elements and wander out of the comforts of my vehicle. At least when I do I know that I have my HVAC systems waiting for me back in my car when I’m ready for them.

residential air conditioning 

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