Did you know that your air can have a lot of things in it? Nobody thinks about the air they breathe in. We all assume our air must be good to go. Most of the time the air has dust in it. This is because we own HVAC units that are dusty. A heating and cooling system usually has an air or furnace filter. A gas, electric and oil furnace uses a filter. An air conditioner and heat pump also has an air filter. These filters catch dust from entering the system, but the filter doesn’t catch everything. Then the dust spreads in the unit, which then blasts the dusty air in your home. Lots of homes have outdoor ventilation. Grass, twigs and small animals can get in your vents. Then the air travels through the vents, picks up on the debris and damages your air quality. The air is dusty and it is additionally dirty. Without proper heating maintenance and gas furnace will leak carbon monoxide. So now you have air that is polluting the home and making you sick. What about moisture in the air. Did you know too much or too little moisture is harmful? Excessive humidity will cause cockroaches, centipedes and mold to come into your home. Not enough moisture will dry out the air and ruin your skin. You can get a dehumidifier or a humidifier for the home. You just need to be careful when you take into consideration humidity. Your air quality needs to be taken into consideration yourself. Think about air purification systems for your HVAC unit.

air quality 

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