I still live at home with my parents and I am twenty two. I am one of those baby birds that just won’t fly away. I feel I am smarter than most people my age. Instead of paying for rent, water, heating and cooling, I just sponge off my parents. My mother makes my meals and my dad fixes my car. It really is a sweet setup. They are clean, handy and friendly roommates. I know I can live easily with them and it is cost effective. Sometimes I do feel like a little kid though. I basically can’t do anything on my own. When the gas furnace would not turn on, I called my dad. He took off from work to look at the heater. When he couldn’t fix it, the HVAC professional took a look at it. Then the issue was resolved. In the summer we do not have air conditioning. All my family uses is box fans and window fans. My mother brings them down from the attic every year. She cleans my cooling system and sets it up for me. My brother recently bought my mother an air conditioner. It is amazing and it works really well. She has a wireless thermostat and adaptable speed technology. Her bedroom is always the perfect temperature. An adult would probably buy their own air conditioner. But I am me, so what I do is crawl into bed with her. On really hot nights I just squirrel my way into my mom’s room and enjoy her air conditioning system. Costs me no money and I still get the comfort.

mini split 

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