I simply love the feeling of breathing in the moist air in a greenhouse or tropical forest.  It seems that my lungs say thank you for the relief.  Dry air seems to make my breathing more cumbersome.  When we went on a recent trip to the dessert I was just miserable.  Everything from my eyes, to my skin seemed deprived of basic moisture.  I know this may seem weird because most people want drier air and try to use air conditioning to escape the hot humid summers.  I on the other hand would rather sit in a tropical rain forest any day.  For this reason, we consulted our local HVAC dealer to find out the options for installing a humidifier in one of our rooms.  At first, he looked at us like we were slightly crazy, but soon understood when I explained that it helped me feel better.  He explained that too much humidity can be damaging to furniture and such and the fact that we would have to make sure to keep the walls clean and free of mold.  Other than his list of concerns we saw no reason not to proceed.  We now have a great room that I can escape to and breathe easy.  I have filled it with tropical plants and wooden benches.  I spend time just relaxing in the room.  I guess it is my own personal tropical paradise.  Of course that is minus the bugs, animals, and sunshine.  In the dead of winter I can go in, close the door, and envision the blue ocean waters and sandy beaches.

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Our new puppy has been enjoying her new home. She has been running around, playing, chasing, and having a lot of fun with her toys. We love to have her around because we feel like a whole family and we love her. The other day she was really scared of the thunderstorm that we had. She was not quite sure what it was. She came running to us immediately and was shaking. She was terrified. We lucky were able to close all of the windows and we turned on the television. We tried to drown out the sound of the thunderstorm as much as we could. This is why we like to have air conditioning. We like to open the windows when it is rather cool outside but when it gets warm or in instances like this, we can turn the air conditioning on, It makes the house more comfortable. You do not get any of the outside noises. It is more peaceful and relaxing with the air conditioning on. You can change the thermostat to how cool you actually want the house. Air conditioning has been our savior many of times before. We make sure not to use it too much to ensure that we are able to keep it for longer. Air conditioning does not have to be kept on all the time if you do not want it to be. Use it when you want too! Just make sure it is up to date and tuned up to makes sure the system will keep running properly in your home.

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The summer season always seems to go by way too fast. Again, this summer is going by faster than I can keep up with it. There is so much I need to get done but the days are going by so fast nothing seems to be getting done. I try to have deadlines for myself but they are not working. I try to meet the goals I have in my head but they are still not good enough. I feel like the fall season is already here. Everything I needed to get done in the summer is going to be running into the fall season. Then, I am going to have other things to do as well. One of these things is get my HVAC system tuned up. I just got my spring one and I can’t imagine already having to get another one. That is crazy to me. It is something I always do in the spring and in the fall to ensure my systems are working properly. The time comes up quickly though. I am happy I have a maintenance plan that my appointments are already set up. I do not have to think about making an appointment. They will call me ahead of time to remind me and then they will just show up and do what they need to do. It is a very nice system if you are a busy person who can never remember when to schedule an appointment. I am just glad that it really is one less thing I have to think about. I can focus on getting all of my other things done first.

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I had finally met the woman of my dreams. She was everything I ever wanted and even better, I was everything she had ever wanted. We were a match made in heaven. The fated day came where I asked her hand in marriage and she said yes. We were going to get married and neither of us could be happier. She began planning the wedding and I had one important task. I had to buy her a ring. I knew her tastes and so I went to a local jewelry store. It was the fanciest around and I knew she would be pleased getting a ring from there. When I entered the store I was shocked to find it was very warm. I knew I would be there a while browsing their rings and doing so without air conditioning was going to make it awful. This was a pricey and fancy establishment so I was shocked that the comfort level of it wasn’t perfect. A salesman came to offer assistance and I noticed he looked very flushed in his suit. I asked about the air conditioning and he apologized, saying it wasn’t working and that the HVAC technician wouldn’t arrive until later that day. We looked for the perfect ring but I had to keep excusing myself every so often to walk out and cool off in my air conditioned car. Finally I found the ring but told the salesman I was going to go somewhere else because it was so hot. This worked the way I wanted it to and because of the inconvenience of the air conditioning not working, I was given a decent discount if I decided to purchase a ring there. I got the ring at a decent price but I wouldn’t be telling this to my wife.air purification

My children are often forgetful. They forget small things like forgetting to turn lights off or forgetting to grab their lunch on the way to school in the morning. They also forget big things like when I ask them to do their chores around the house before I get home or to shower after being all sweaty at soccer practice. My kids are always on the go I wonder if I am pushing them too hard and that is why they are forgetful at times. I sat down to talk with them and they told me that they love all the activities they do and they are happy always being on the go. I am just glad knowing they are happy. I guess it is normal for younger kids to forget things. One thing that drives me nuts though is when my kids open windows and forget to shut them. For some reason, my kids love to sleep with their bedroom windows open. They say they like the sound of the crickets at night and it helps them fall asleep. They can open their windows but on one condition. They must shut their window in the morning before leaving for school. They always forget to. This is so wasteful because all of the heat or A/C escaped out the windows. This is such a waste of A/C and heat. It is also a huge waste of electricity and it is also costing us more. When it is too warm or cold in a home, the HVAC system has to work harder to heat or cool down the space. The HVAC unit is using more energy and costing us more money.  I need to have another talk with them.


My friends and I went to a festival recently. We had been looking forward to seeing the bands and enjoying the camping out for a while. When we got there, we were surprised at the temperature increase we had. We found ourselves feeling pretty warm but it was manageable. We went swimming often and relaxed in the coolness of the night. The problem I had is how hot the port a potties are in these situations. I’d rather just go to the bathroom outside in the trees but that can’t always be the case. The port a potties were sweltering and it made them not smell very pleasant. Up near the festival they had these big square port a potties I had never seen before though. I decided to try one and was shocked. It was a thirty foot by ten foot facility that had air conditioning and running water! I couldn’t believe this was a port a potty with air conditioning. It fixed the one thing about port a potties I couldn’t stand. The air conditioning was perfect and I found I had no issues using this facility. I found I could take my time, standing in the air conditioning, and do whatever I needed to do. The air conditioned port a potty had a functioning sink so I even brushed my teeth in there. Whoever it was that came up with the way to create an air conditioned port a potty is a genious and I hope they enjoy their riches that they obviously have to be getting. Now I’ve seen these air conditioned port a potties in my area in public places as well.

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I have read conflicting reports on whether or not it is necessary to have ductwork professionally cleaned.   There is no research proving that dirt in the ductwork will negatively affect indoor air quality.  I, however, consistently schedule regular maintenance for my duct system every five years.  I suffer from severe allergies, and take every precaution to protect the cleanliness of my breathing air.  The heated and cooled air from my furnace and air conditioner pass through the ductwork multiple times each day.  If there is dust, pollen, mold, and other contaminants in the duct system, it could potentially be spread throughout the rooms of my home.  If there is a buildup of debris in the duct system, airflow could be significantly reduced.  This would result in a lot less heated or cooled air supplied to my home.  My home will be far less comfortable, and I’ll spend way more in energy bills every month.  A clogged duct system forces the HVAC unit as a whole to work longer and harder to reach thermostat settings.  There is also the possibility of the ductwork becoming corroded due to moisture.  If there are holes in the ductwork, heated and cooled air can escape, wasting energy.  These same leaks can draw outside air into the house, bringing in dirt, fumes, and moisture.  The process of having the ductwork inspected, cleaned, and sealed is not terribly expensive, and definitely saves money on my gas and electric bills.  I like the peace of mind of knowing that my entire HVAC system is operating in peak condition.

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The school has been doing a lot of work on the building lately. They have been updating the rooms, redoing the sidewalks and driveway for the buses. There has been a lot of work going on there. The one thing I can hope that they worked on was the HVAC system. My son had come home complaining so many times that the HVAC system was not working that day or it was either super cold or really hot. It never seems to work properly in the building. Do they not think this is messing with the children’s ability to perform in school? I think this is a huge concern. When you are not comfortable in your own classroom or school, your work ethic is compromised. It is ridiculous that they cannot control the temperature of the school. I hope that when my son does return to school, he can have a good year and focus on learning rather than how to stay cool or keep warm. If it were my home, I would get the HVAC system under control right away. It is not hard to call an HVAC company to come look at the system and find out what is wrong with it and fix it. If it is coming from the people controlling it, that needs to change. Temperature control is very important to our society nowadays and it is important that our schools are helping to keep our children comfortable while they are away from home. They will be hearing a mouthful from me if this has not changed come September.


I like to cook, and I often experiment with new and strange recipes.  I go shopping for unusual ingredients, and search online for interesting ideas.  Although I am careful to follow directions exactly, my attempts don’t always deliver delicious results.  Sometimes, they taste downright awful, and I end up throwing the whole thing away.  Occasionally, I forget about the food baking in the oven, and I burn it.  Having the smell of food fill the house is not pleasant.  Having smoke and fumes fills the house is truly awful.  Since it is not always possible to open a window and allow fresh air in, I invested in a ventilation system.  The ventilator installed directly into my HVAC system, and works to bring fresh air in and push stale air out.  Without the ventilator, those cooking smells would linger for a very long time.  The controls on the ventilator allow me to adjust the amount of incoming air.  When I know I’m going to be cooking, I simply allow more fresh air into the house.  In the winter, the ventilator makes use of the heated air that is expelled to warm up the incoming air.  It reduces the workload of my furnace, and significantly lowers the monthly energy bills.  In the summer, the ventilator is very effective at handling excess moisture in the air.  With lower humidity levels, I can raise the setting on the thermostat, without sacrificing comfort.  The ventilator cuts down on the cost of air conditioning.  With a constant supply of fresh air, my house not only smells better but is definitely more comfortable.HVAC service plan

When a parent or grandparent passes away, it can be tough on everybody. However, if the spouse of the deceased person is still alive, simple tasks can become really difficult to do. For example, my grandpa passed away about one year ago. He was a very active guy who liked to tinker with his tools in the garage. While he looked to be in great shape, he smoked cigarettes for most of his adult life, so his lungs were in awful shape. That is ultimately what killed him. When my grandpa died, I knew things would get harder for my grandma around the house seeing as he had done almost everything. He mowed the lawn, set up the patio furniture, and even trimmed the rose bushes. He also maintained the house’s heating and cooling equipment. It was his job to replace the air filters on a monthly basis and he also knew how to correctly set the thermostat each and every day. That responsibility now falls on my shoulders. I go over to my grandma’s house about once a week to say hello and keep the HVAC system in good condition. For the things I cannot do, I call a local provider and have them send an HVAC technician over to the house. We have a good relationship with that guy and I trust him to take care of everything the right way. All in all, I hope I can convince my grandma to move to an elderly facility because this will soon be too much for me to handle.

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