When I was little, it seemed my parents couldn’t decide between two very different cities to live in. My maternal grandparents lived in a tropical area, and my paternal grandparents lived in the midwest, in an area that gets frigidly cold. My parents moved from one location to the other every year or so. It didn’t really bother me because I was used to it and I had good friends in both places. I remember sitting in the back seat of our car, heading north, hoping that our new home had heating through the floor vents. I remember living in a few different places, a couple places had radiators and the others had forced air heating through vents on the floor. Those were the places I liked best. After playing in the snow, I loved to come inside and sit on the floor behind the warm vent and enjoy the nice, warm air coming through. I only remember standing near a radiator to warm up once, and I didn’t get very warm. The radiators must have kept our house warm enough, because I didn’t really remember being too cold much, but, I sure loved those vents. The vents also meant something else to me. They meant that, during the hot, summer months, we would have air conditioning, as well. I remember one house that we lived in, we had no air conditioning in the living room or my bedroom. My parents had an air conditioner in their bedroom window, but, all I had in my window was a fan. Oh, how I prayed for those floor vents that day!

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I was a little naive when I first started renting. The landlady was nice, though she charged too much money. I did not question it, simply signing the rental agreement. When I moved in and the air conditioning did not seem to be working the way it should, I called her to ask about it. She said that it was an old system and sometimes needed a little help, explaining that she kept a bunch of refrigerant in the garage and all I needed to do when the air conditioning did not work was pour some more refrigerant into the air conditioning unit. After looking it up online, I managed to figure it out. It worked for a while, but not long. Something seemed really wrong. When I called the landlady again to tell her, she insisted it was fine. After several months of this, there was no refrigerant left and the landlady said she was unable to reimburse me for all of the refrigerant I bought on my own. Soon after, she stopped taking my calls entirely. It was up to me to figure out what to do. I called an HVAC company who came to look at the air conditioning unit. He told me immediately that there was a refrigerant leak that had to be fixed. He also said that all of the refrigerant that had been put in was just spreading contaminants and wasting money because of the leak. I was so frustrated. I ended up paying out of pocket for that, but my air conditioning was working again, so at that point I did not even care. The landlady never did repay me, though she promised to when I moved out. But by then, I was just glad to get out of there.

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I am extremely fortunate to have someone that I can call my very best friend. We are different in many ways, but we are similar in many ways, too. We find that our friendship is strengthened through our differences and also through our similarities. We are both free spirits who love to go on adventures and see what life has to offer. I have been stuck working non-stop for the past year, unable to take a nice vacation to have fun. My best friend, however, has been able to, and I have been living vicariously through her. She recently got back from a trip across the country. She told me about all of the amazing places she went, from deserts to forests and everywhere in between. She drove for as many hours as she could, then stopped to stay the night at whatever hotel she could find. She said everything was great until she was headed back home. The last hotel that she stayed in had no air conditioning and it was one hundred degrees outside. She told me that when she first got to her room, she thought that maybe the air conditioning had just not been turned on, so she tried to get cool air flowing through the room, but nothing happened. Finally she got so frustrated that she went downstairs to the lobby and spoke with the concierge who regretfully informed her that the entire hotel was without air conditioning. She was mad that she was not told when she first checked in and ended up demanding her money back, then drove around until she found a hotel that did have air conditioning. She was reminded that, while it is nice to travel, nothing compares to being in the comfort of her reliably air conditioned home.


I have a friend that owns a roofing company, and, knowing that I am always in need of cash, he pays me to clean up his jobsites when they complete a job, or, when they are on a big job, Saturdays. The work isn’t all that difficult. I clean up broken tiles, construction debris, and the garbage my friend’s employees have left around the site. Small jobs only take a couple of hours, but, big jobs, the ones I clean on Saturdays, can take a good part of the day. And, summers are the worst. I live in the South and temperatures often get into the triple digits. I take my breaks in my air conditioned Jeep. I also bring plenty of cool water, not just for drinking, but, for pouring over my head.I stay much cooler much longer when my hair is wet. I also keep a wet cloth around my neck, wear light breathable clothing, and dance in the rain during the summer storms. Actually, I try to get finished before the daily summer storm, because, once it passes, the sun comes back out and the humidity stays unbearable. But, I usually don’t stay at the site that long. I arrive early, before the heat of the day. I usually take two short breaks in my air conditioned Jeep, and leave around lunch time. That way, I have the rest of my Saturday to do what I want to do.

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My friend Wally just got a new dog, so of course I had to immediately stop by his house to meet his new addition. I absolutely love dogs, especially larger breeds. He just got a mastiff, which means that he will grow to be over a hundred pounds! Wally named his dog Jeremiah, and right now, Jeremiah is a manageable size. As soon as I walked in the door, Jeremiah yelped and barked and jumped right into my arms, wiggling all around and licking my face! We let Jeremiah run around in the backyard, just to get rid of some of that energy. It was a pretty hot day, so it didn’t take too long for him to come stumbling back in, panting and looking for some cool air. Jeremiah took a few drinks of water, and immediately plopped down in front of the air conditioner. Instead of a window unit, Wally had put a stand-up air conditioner in the middle of the floor. I had never seen an air conditioner like that before! To be honest, it looked a lot like a dehumidifier or an air purifier. I asked Wally about the air conditioner, and he said that it was actually pretty affordable. He didn’t want to get an air conditioner for the window, because the window frames are old and they aren’t properly sealed. With the stand-up air conditioner, he can keep his windows closed and not worry about insects or dust sneaking through the cracks. Plus, this air conditioner is extremely portable, and can easily be moved throughout the house. I definitely want to look into getting a portable air conditioner unit for my apartment. If my dog likes it half as much as Jeremiah does, then it will be a worthwhile purchase!

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For the past fifteen years, I have enjoyed owning a small, child care center. The neighborhood children have become a big part of my life, and I will miss them when I close the doors next week. Marla Templeton, the toddler teacher I employ, is divorcing her husband. He blames me for his life’s problems because Marla’s paycheck makes it possible for her to leave him. The man happens to be HVAC certified, meaning he knows how to install,maintain, and repair heating and air conditioning units. Unfortunately, he also knows how to destroy them. Upon arriving one morning recently, I notice what looked like a massive dent in the front of the large commercial HVAC unit located near the business entranceway, so I called our HVAC provider. They gave me the bad news, I would need a new air conditioning unit. The HVAC technician showed me what appeared to be a shoe print, kicked in such a way, he suspected the culprit knew something about the HVAC industry. Someone had crushed the coils, pressing them into the unit and causing serious damage to the compressor. Air quality is vital for children, especially in our extremely warm climate, so I had to purchase another air conditioning unit on my tight budget. The unit arrived, and the HVAC technician had it installed and running quickly. I hoped the ordeal was over, I could not afford to buy another a/c unit, but the police had no leads and suspected random, juvenile horseplay. A friend set up a camera and it didn’t take long to solve the mystery. Days later, there was Marla’s husband, stomping my brand new heating and air conditioning unit once again. He was arrested, but our little corner of the block is no more.zone control

My husband and I are on an adventure, spending thirty days riding a motorcycle from the east coast to the west coast.  Along the way, we have experienced a few issues with the weather.  Since we have no access to heating or air conditioning, we do our best to adjust our clothing to the conditions.  Yesterday morning, we started out at around ten thirty and the temperature was already in the high eighties.  Over the next several hours, it just got hotter and hotter.  We were extremely overheated and sweaty.  We needed to stop every few hours, get inside an air conditioned coffee shop or restaurant and cool off.  The air conditioning felt absolutely wonderful.  Shortly after noon, the sky clouded up, turned dark, and suddenly there was rain.  It happened so quickly, that we were totally wet before we had a chance to pull over and put on our rain suits.  Unfortunately, there was no where to hole up for a while until the storm passed.  I was really wishing for a nice dry, air conditioned coffee shop at that point.  After about an hour of rain, the storm cleared and the sun came out.  We were dressed in our rain suits with the sun beating down on us.  There was no opportunity to pull off the road and peel off those heavy suits.  We had sweat running right down our faces, and I couldn’t wait to finally arrive at our hotel.  I was so thankful that our room featured a properly functioning cooling system that we could control to suit our preferences.

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The first sounds of the morning consisted of murmured news stations on the television, and the loud bangs from my father’s preparations. I turned my head to left and saw a thick layer of snow covering the ground. I had no intention of leaving my bed, the ice cold air surrounding me made sure of that. My mother called my name repetitively, asking me to come help. I jumped out of my bed and hustled down the stairs to the warm wood stoves. I entered the living room and was shocked at the temperature. Our HVAC unit that runs during the night when the woodstoves die down, was damaged during to night’s severe temperatures. The house had no heat running for who knows how many hours. My father was frantically calling HVAC providers; even friends he knew used to be HVAC technicians. No matter who he called the outcome was the same. The unit would not be fixed unless we came up with our own plan. They were all booked up and we did not want to pay for HVAC emergency service. My father and I unburied the bulkhead doors and entered the basement. We inspected our HVAC unit for a few minutes, and decided to re set the fuse on the gas furnace. We heard a noise, which at the time we were not sure was a good thing. Five minutes later the HVAC unit started to make its regular noises, and we heard cheering from upstairs. Even such small events can make you grateful for the things you have. I am thankful for my heating system.

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I have lived in the south for the past five years, and I enjoy the moderate to hot temperatures throughout the year. Winter season, however, is a welcomed change of pace. The crisp air, cool breeze, & lack of humidity are a pleasure.  I looked forward to wearing long-sleeves, boots, and scarves. There is something refreshing about this time of year. The coolness in the air is a reminder of the upcoming holidays.  It’s a time for  hot chocolate, & time spent with family & friends. For most of us southerners, this time of year is when we start up the gas furnaces for the first time. It is extremely important to make certain that the heating system in the house is in good working order.  Although winter here is fairly mild, the furnace still requires regular inspection. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t worry about their gas furnaces until the cold has already arrived. It is important to clean and inspect the furnaces prior to the start of the cold weather. I schedule regular maintenance for my furnace in the fall, even though  I rarely run the furnace on maximum capacity.  To ensure my gas furnace is working at peak efficiency, safely, and reliably, I know that it’s necessary to have a professional HVAC technician inspect all components.  He handles the cleaning and any necessary repairs.   Because of professional HVAC maintenance, my furnace will last longer, succumb to fewer repairs, and keep me more comfortable.  I will save both time and money.  I can also rely on my furnace to meet demand all winter long.

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I moved to  the south a couple years ago.  We have moderate to hot temperatures throughout the year. Winter is a change of pace that I look forward to. The cool night air, crisp breeze, as well as the change in the color of the leaves lets me know it is the start of winter. That’s when I pull out the jackets, boots, and scarves, and start thinking about black friday shopping at the malls. There is something really great about this time of year. The coolness in the air gets me thinking about the start of the holidays, hot apple cider, as well as time with family and friends. For most of us southerners, this time of year is when the gas furnace becomes important again. It is a good idea to make sure the furnace is working right and is ready to handle the winter months. Unfortunately, most people neglect their gas furnaces until the cold has already arrived. It is better to check the operation of the gas furnace well before the temperature drops. I regularly have my gas furnace inspected, even though I rarely use it. I don’t want to find out that the furnace won’t run when it’s too late.  To ensure my gas furnace is operating effectively, I have an HVAC contractor  come to the house and complete troubleshooting and cleaning of all components.  A licensed servicemans is trained to detect any potential problems, and can ensure maximum reliability and efficiency.  well as can assist with the proper heating as well as furnace installation. They also handle any necessary repairs.  If there is any doubt that my furnace is not working in peak condition, I call a professional HVAC company immediately. Even though our winters in the south are short, I want to be warm and comfortable.  

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