I was a little naive when I first started renting. The landlady was nice, though she charged too much money. I did not question it, simply signing the rental agreement. When I moved in and the air conditioning did not seem to be working the way it should, I called her to ask about it. She said that it was an old system and sometimes needed a little help, explaining that she kept a bunch of refrigerant in the garage and all I needed to do when the air conditioning did not work was pour some more refrigerant into the air conditioning unit. After looking it up online, I managed to figure it out. It worked for a while, but not long. Something seemed really wrong. When I called the landlady again to tell her, she insisted it was fine. After several months of this, there was no refrigerant left and the landlady said she was unable to reimburse me for all of the refrigerant I bought on my own. Soon after, she stopped taking my calls entirely. It was up to me to figure out what to do. I called an HVAC company who came to look at the air conditioning unit. He told me immediately that there was a refrigerant leak that had to be fixed. He also said that all of the refrigerant that had been put in was just spreading contaminants and wasting money because of the leak. I was so frustrated. I ended up paying out of pocket for that, but my air conditioning was working again, so at that point I did not even care. The landlady never did repay me, though she promised to when I moved out. But by then, I was just glad to get out of there.

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