I am extremely fortunate to have someone that I can call my very best friend. We are different in many ways, but we are similar in many ways, too. We find that our friendship is strengthened through our differences and also through our similarities. We are both free spirits who love to go on adventures and see what life has to offer. I have been stuck working non-stop for the past year, unable to take a nice vacation to have fun. My best friend, however, has been able to, and I have been living vicariously through her. She recently got back from a trip across the country. She told me about all of the amazing places she went, from deserts to forests and everywhere in between. She drove for as many hours as she could, then stopped to stay the night at whatever hotel she could find. She said everything was great until she was headed back home. The last hotel that she stayed in had no air conditioning and it was one hundred degrees outside. She told me that when she first got to her room, she thought that maybe the air conditioning had just not been turned on, so she tried to get cool air flowing through the room, but nothing happened. Finally she got so frustrated that she went downstairs to the lobby and spoke with the concierge who regretfully informed her that the entire hotel was without air conditioning. She was mad that she was not told when she first checked in and ended up demanding her money back, then drove around until she found a hotel that did have air conditioning. She was reminded that, while it is nice to travel, nothing compares to being in the comfort of her reliably air conditioned home.


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