The first sounds of the morning consisted of murmured news stations on the television, and the loud bangs from my father’s preparations. I turned my head to left and saw a thick layer of snow covering the ground. I had no intention of leaving my bed, the ice cold air surrounding me made sure of that. My mother called my name repetitively, asking me to come help. I jumped out of my bed and hustled down the stairs to the warm wood stoves. I entered the living room and was shocked at the temperature. Our HVAC unit that runs during the night when the woodstoves die down, was damaged during to night’s severe temperatures. The house had no heat running for who knows how many hours. My father was frantically calling HVAC providers; even friends he knew used to be HVAC technicians. No matter who he called the outcome was the same. The unit would not be fixed unless we came up with our own plan. They were all booked up and we did not want to pay for HVAC emergency service. My father and I unburied the bulkhead doors and entered the basement. We inspected our HVAC unit for a few minutes, and decided to re set the fuse on the gas furnace. We heard a noise, which at the time we were not sure was a good thing. Five minutes later the HVAC unit started to make its regular noises, and we heard cheering from upstairs. Even such small events can make you grateful for the things you have. I am thankful for my heating system.

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