I have lived in the south for the past five years, and I enjoy the moderate to hot temperatures throughout the year. Winter season, however, is a welcomed change of pace. The crisp air, cool breeze, & lack of humidity are a pleasure.  I looked forward to wearing long-sleeves, boots, and scarves. There is something refreshing about this time of year. The coolness in the air is a reminder of the upcoming holidays.  It’s a time for  hot chocolate, & time spent with family & friends. For most of us southerners, this time of year is when we start up the gas furnaces for the first time. It is extremely important to make certain that the heating system in the house is in good working order.  Although winter here is fairly mild, the furnace still requires regular inspection. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t worry about their gas furnaces until the cold has already arrived. It is important to clean and inspect the furnaces prior to the start of the cold weather. I schedule regular maintenance for my furnace in the fall, even though  I rarely run the furnace on maximum capacity.  To ensure my gas furnace is working at peak efficiency, safely, and reliably, I know that it’s necessary to have a professional HVAC technician inspect all components.  He handles the cleaning and any necessary repairs.   Because of professional HVAC maintenance, my furnace will last longer, succumb to fewer repairs, and keep me more comfortable.  I will save both time and money.  I can also rely on my furnace to meet demand all winter long.

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