For the past fifteen years, I have enjoyed owning a small, child care center. The neighborhood children have become a big part of my life, and I will miss them when I close the doors next week. Marla Templeton, the toddler teacher I employ, is divorcing her husband. He blames me for his life’s problems because Marla’s paycheck makes it possible for her to leave him. The man happens to be HVAC certified, meaning he knows how to install,maintain, and repair heating and air conditioning units. Unfortunately, he also knows how to destroy them. Upon arriving one morning recently, I notice what looked like a massive dent in the front of the large commercial HVAC unit located near the business entranceway, so I called our HVAC provider. They gave me the bad news, I would need a new air conditioning unit. The HVAC technician showed me what appeared to be a shoe print, kicked in such a way, he suspected the culprit knew something about the HVAC industry. Someone had crushed the coils, pressing them into the unit and causing serious damage to the compressor. Air quality is vital for children, especially in our extremely warm climate, so I had to purchase another air conditioning unit on my tight budget. The unit arrived, and the HVAC technician had it installed and running quickly. I hoped the ordeal was over, I could not afford to buy another a/c unit, but the police had no leads and suspected random, juvenile horseplay. A friend set up a camera and it didn’t take long to solve the mystery. Days later, there was Marla’s husband, stomping my brand new heating and air conditioning unit once again. He was arrested, but our little corner of the block is no control

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