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I moved to  the south a couple years ago.  We have moderate to hot temperatures throughout the year. Winter is a change of pace that I look forward to. The cool night air, crisp breeze, as well as the change in the color of the leaves lets me know it is the start of winter. That’s when I pull out the jackets, boots, and scarves, and start thinking about black friday shopping at the malls. There is something really great about this time of year. The coolness in the air gets me thinking about the start of the holidays, hot apple cider, as well as time with family and friends. For most of us southerners, this time of year is when the gas furnace becomes important again. It is a good idea to make sure the furnace is working right and is ready to handle the winter months. Unfortunately, most people neglect their gas furnaces until the cold has already arrived. It is better to check the operation of the gas furnace well before the temperature drops. I regularly have my gas furnace inspected, even though I rarely use it. I don’t want to find out that the furnace won’t run when it’s too late.  To ensure my gas furnace is operating effectively, I have an HVAC contractor  come to the house and complete troubleshooting and cleaning of all components.  A licensed servicemans is trained to detect any potential problems, and can ensure maximum reliability and efficiency.  well as can assist with the proper heating as well as furnace installation. They also handle any necessary repairs.  If there is any doubt that my furnace is not working in peak condition, I call a professional HVAC company immediately. Even though our winters in the south are short, I want to be warm and comfortable.  

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